The Clairs Quiz
Still wondering what your dominant sense is? Take this brief test to help you determine it. You can choose one or two answers for each section.
1. If you are in a questioning situation, which of the following might you say?
a. Something smells fishy to me.
b. It doesn’t sound right to me.
c. It doesn’t feel right to me.
d. It doesn’t look right to me.
e. I don’t think that’s right.
2. If you are questioning what another person is saying to you, which of the following might you say?
a. That idea stinks.
b. I’m just not hearing what you’re trying to say.
c. I feel differently than you do.
d. I don’t see your point.
e. I don’t think you know what you are saying or talking about.
3. When you’re angry, how might you express that?
a. That person’s attitude reeks!
b. There was a roaring in my ears!
c. I felt so hot/cold/numb
d. I saw red!
e. I thought my head was going to explode!
4. When you’re happy, how might you express that?
a. The smell of happiness is in the air!
b. Laughter is music to my ears
c. I feel so great today!
d. I see a beautiful day ahead of me!
e. I know today is going to be a fantastic day!
Now add up the number of a’s, b’s, c’s, d’s, and e’s that you chose.
Mostly a’s: Your dominant sense is smell. You are clairfragrant.
Mostly b’s: Your dominant sense is hearing. You are clairaudient.
Mostly c’s: Your dominant sense is feeling. You are clairsentient.
Mostly d’s: Your dominant sense is seeing. You are clairvoyant.
Mostly e’s: Your dominant sense is knowing. You are claircognizant.
You can have more than one dominant sense. It is typical to have a dominant sense and then a secondary one. For example, if you chose three a’s and one d, then your dominant sense is smell and your secondary sense is sight.
This quiz helps you to discern your most dominant attribute or gift. Remember, however, that it is very likely that you have had, at one time or another, experiences in all of these areas. We are just looking for the strongest gift, the most natural one.
Why does it matter what your strongest natural intuitive gift is? Well, in order to really fine-tune your intuition, to raise your vibration up enough to connect with your loved ones that have passed, you need to be aware of how they will be trying to contact you. If you know your dominant attribute, you will better recognize the signs when they begin to communicate with you. You will be aware and you will have no doubt about their presence and that your love lives on. The main goal your deceased loved ones have in wanting to connect with you is to help you move on, free of the pain, regret, and grief, so that you can live your life in joy and peace, and complete your own life lessons.
So, what is your strongest attribute? Please share..and does it resonate with you? – Sunny Dawn Johnston
PS: Excerpt from The Love Never Ends by SDJ
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