The 4 Types of Love

Love is not seeing experiences, people, and situations as good or bad, but simply as experiences.

Happy Valentines Day friends! In the spirit of V-day, I wanted to share a few thoughts on the different types of love!

Throughout life we are tested across various forms of love because love comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes:

  • We see love that is everlasting or love that is temporary
  • We come across love that is so painful it leaves a deep, lasting scar and others that fill us with never-ending happiness
  • There is love that is singular and love that is for everyone one and everything.
  • There is love that repeats itself and love that you will only come across once in a lifetime.

In as many forms as love comes, there is one thing that remains constant across all: LOVE IS AN EXPERIENCE NEITHER GOOD OR BAD. It’s an observation of what is fact or real in your life at that very moment.


Aspects of Love

With love, we can call on the way that moment, person, or thing made us feel. From what we saw, to how warm our body felt; it leaves a memory that we can call on over and over again to soothe us.

Understanding the various aspects of love will help you to  better understand yourself and how to experience love at its highest level.


Love of A Moment

Have you ever found yourself in the presence of such a surreal, completely immersive moment that left you thinking, “I wish this could last forever!” That’s love right there.

Love of a moment is stepping outside of yourself and appreciating the presence in a time in your life that probably filled you with so much joy. Sometimes love is simply found in moments when you are surrounded by others exuding that same feeling, in the presence of nature’s beauty, in the awareness of your Archangels, or even within your own self in your own space. Love found in a moment is one that stands out in our memories as one we can call on over and over again to be reminded and reestablished.


Love of People

We all have received love or given love to someone else at least once in our lives. Whether it’s a mother and child relationship or a husband and wife bond, we have all experienced a love connection with another person; it’s apparent in the warm feeling you get when you hear their voice, see their face or are just in their company. It’s so powerful that it can make life’s most challenging circumstances bearable; it gives us hope and allows us to endure for others. This type of love is only strengthened even more when there’s healthy reciprocity. When a connection of love is drawn between two people, even the most tumultuous of storms can’t capsize it.


Love of Things

This is one that can often be seen as superficial but in healthy cases, has a profound root of appreciation. It’s not about having the best car, or nicest house on the block, but rather about being able to move freely and live the type of life you want in which you can wake up each day, filled with gratitude, and honestly say to yourself – “I love my life.”  You may have a love for your bed, your favorite socks, the special painting on the wall or your coffee cup. It can be simple things or big things too. For some people, having certain things brings a sense of substance in their lives because these objects are a reminder of privilege not to be taken for granted; a reminder that nurtures appreciation for the blessings of current life, while being mindful of how to serve those in other circumstances.


Love of Self

The most profound love there is… is the love of self. It is the connecting piece to all these love aspects. Can you expect to love in the moment, connect with others, appreciate the things you possess if you don’t love yourself? I think not. In my life, there have been various moments when my self-love had been depleted, where I had reached a low in which it made it hard for me to love the people and things around me. I had to dig deep and rely on the help of my Archangels to guide me back to the path in which I could see, feel, and appreciate the love I have for myself. In doing that, I could then share that love with others. Prioritizing your self-care is paramount to the Love of Self!


Love is something everyone can find and everyone possesses. It is within YOU.


It just takes looking through your life intently in order for you to identify what that truly looks like.

I challenge you this month to make time to identify the love aspects in your life. Don’t limit yourself to just one; connect with all the ones that appear in your life. Appreciate the fruitfulness of love that surrounds you in all its forms.

Make sure to leave a comment below or reach out to me on Instagram to fill me in on the love aspects you’ve identified and how the awareness nurtures appreciation! Love hearing feedback from all of you!


Sunny Dawn Johnston ❤️

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