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ELEV8 Your Life Testimonials

Meet Jodie Harvala … discover how YOU can have it all too!

Meet Shelly Kay Orr … discover how she got her life back.
When you have that nudge that you have to do something…you have to show up for yourself…because it CAN CHANGE your life! – Shanda Trofe

I love that we are able to work at our own pace as everyone has their own journey to walk! We have a kick ass group!

Mary Reuse

Just when I could use a little pick me up or a new perspective I see a little something from ELEV8 that puts me right back into my spirit! 🙂 plus, I love you and your team and like seeing them as well.

Jodie Harvala

I love how you, Sunny Dawn Johnston, show up for us all on a consistent basis. You’re the REAL DEAL. You are a wealth of knowledge and you take the time to explain it ALL to us in such a way that we can all understand it completely, no stones left unturned. Thank you for being my greatest teacher.

Pam Perrotta

I promised to put myself on the list of things to care for. I have grown in spirit through connection to my guides and angels and also, accountability for myself through ELEV8. I have released physical weight and pain with guidance from this group and appreciate Sunny’s no BS teaching style. The community I have found in ELEV8 is brilliant. Highly recommend.

Melinda Bauman

Unconditional support

Brandi Porter Strieter

I love the way each step brings awareness of emotions, that you may not have even know were blocks for you. The insights and Being aware helps you to heal and grow. The Love and Support and Acceptance of Sunny and the whole community.

Elise Grace-Schema

ELEV8 has many aspects I love about it, but I guess my favorite is how welcome I feel in this group and how I feel not judged. On Facebook everyone puts out a perfect life to impress and here on ELEV8 I am learning it’s ok not to be perfect … that I am beautiful because of my imperfection, because I learn from it. Thank you so much ELEV8 team.

Valerie Simoneaux Landry

It’s life changing with the amount of information available, live webinars and the amazing support group! Love it all.

Cathy Helein

I also love how you support those in the spiritual community in ways not everyone sees or knows about.

Hope Suzanne

Totally a safe haven to share your journey good, bad, ugly, no matter what the love just pours in.

Vicki Martinelli

I love learning to love and accept myself even more through this group. The most amazing, supportive group of people taught and modeled by Sunny and her team. Honestly I’ve never been a part of a virtual, online community that was so warm, honest and wise as ELEV8.

Karen Cowperthwaite

I love that the answers to unknown awareness is at the tip of my fingers. It’s a tool in my pocket at ALL TIMES! I REALLY love that MY happiness, wellness and spirituality depend on MY intentions. And…. I love you Sunny Dawn Johnston!

Pam Page- Ameigh

I love that I get the tools and instructions to do for myself and create the person I want to be. I love that this includes access to Sunny and her team. I love that people pull for each other and lift each other up in a process that may not always be easy. Thank you for providing the space for this. I know it’s more than one thing, even so, you really wouldn’t want to have one without the other. So, I will let you pick your favorite.

Jennifer Wheeler

I love the bite size classes and videos. I also love our community of support!!

Kahle Bontjes

One step at a time, One day at a time, The Lessons are here to go back to. Whenever you need extra support, there is an Abundance of Sunny’s recorded Teachings, Music, meditations, etc. I Love Sharing my Journey, with such an Amazing Teacher and Loving Supportive Community.

Elise Grace-Schema

To be honest, I really love how people treat me here. There has never been an unkind word towards me. I like kindness. This space has been very kind to me.

Thomas Giovannoni

Please tell Sunny that her gift is amazing and she has helped me beyond words! I hope I will be seeing more of u both in the future! My soul and heart are at peace all because of Sunny thank u and I truly love both of u with all of my heart and soul!

Gina Skvarek

The ELEV8 web portal is beautifully designed; it’s chock full of every possible tool to support you and Sunny’s and her team’s commitment to helping you grow.

Kaby Birdsall

ELEV8 is a gift I give myself consistently. It’s a Me First experience that I can enjoy any time by myself. Yes, need a break at work watch a video. Situation come up & you need some input…live videos provides you with suggestions. I have made this like-minded community a part of my life and daily routine❤ I enjoy embracing the shifts within me.

Vicki Martinelli

Thank you Sunny for the best program ever, ELEV8 Your Life. I highly recommend this transformational program, which I will apply every day for the rest of my life. Excellent in every way!

Bonnie Larson

First, and foremost thank you Sunny for another Amazing Community! I have been a follower of Sunny and her teachings for the past several years, from Facebook Communities, online courses, live events, and soon my first retreat. Sunny has a very unique teaching style, she’s honest, extremely open, funny and teaches from her own life experiences, having walked a journey from the very lows to the beautiful highs. She is an amazing mentor, educator, that can help you grow and heal on your very own spiritual path. ELEV8 Your Life, is Sunny’s newest community (yes, we share our highs and lows and inspire each other-it’s a closed group with no judgement) we ELEVATE each other. The is an abundance of material, live FB mentoring, check-ins, a plethora of material within the ELEV8 program. With Sunny’s leadership abilities and her inspiring teaching style, she helps us toward finding the ultimate goal in life JOY! Yes, she even walks us through the tough spots, provides the support needed, and will nudge you to dig deeper if needed all in a very supportive loving approach. I can’t thank Sunny enough for all the support and guidance given to me, I have definitely changed for my highest good!

Malinda Pantano

ONE thing I love about Elev8… The utmost comraderie and support of all of you loving sisters for each other… I’m totally impressed, seriously. ANOTHER thing I love about ELEV8 is how we’re accepted … even if we don’t do the homework or whatever … you still greet us so lovingly, non-judgmentally and you’re genuinely glad to have us in this group … I love it ALL … and you too …. and Sunny, you KNOW, in my darkest hours you were my safety line … and I’ve come thru thing ALL A-ok. THANK YOU.

Rick Atteo

A one stop shop of support, guidance, knowledge and enlightenment.

Terri Wright

I love that when I’m in a wobble there is an instant place to connect with you, the community and the teachings!! Instant elevator for my life.

Giuliana Melo

I love the compassion of this particular group!!!

Lori Okubo

I love that the community supports each other. I also love the videos that are always available for us to turn to. It is wonderful to watch ELEV8 evolve and grow.

Kelly Jerkatis

I love EVERYTHING about ELEV8. The community and support, the learning and growing, ALWAYS being able to come here no matter what time of the day or night and having beautiful souls here for you. I can’t just name one thing 🙂

Jill Baughman Gross

So grateful that I can work for a bit and go back to lessons I need to rethink…it’s like having Sunny in your back pocket.

Deborah Marley

That you’re behind me, caring and supporting. You are a truly wonderful person Sunny. Thank you for all you do. Even if weeks go by without my being home or having Facebook time, I am still cognizant they you’re there, and I am still in appreciation for you.

Sandi Gray

I can’t tell you how much I’ve grown since I joined ELEV8! I thought I was well on my way to healing…which I was but I had no idea just how much more was hidden within myself, that needed to come to light so I can learn, deal and completely heal. Sunny is an amazing mentor, teacher, and all around beautiful soul as is her delightful, hardworking team and I feel the same about everyone in this community. I am grateful to them all! Please, do this for yourself…you deserve peace and happiness. Love and Light

Kim Kempton

I LOVE the yoga room!

Karina Robbins

I’m thrilled to be heading into 2019 with you, Sunny, and your team and this group to support me. I’m deeply grateful for this ELEV8 work you offer us. I’ve experienced some life changing transformation, eg: the amazing Archangel Michael meditation has made me stronger in myself, becoming an observer and releasing the old absorber has been powerful, taking my power back from certain people has been amazing, and working with an Archangel each day of the week is life changing. I love the way you share yourself with us to help us understand the process. With gratitude and love.

Pragito Dove

The consistent support & reminders that we are responsible for creating the life we want.

Paulette Vedvik

The love and freedom of the community. And the unconditional love of our amazing mentor and teacher and her team

So much love.

Debbie Pringle

Community! I feel support and connection to this community, even though I haven’t been as active as I would have liked. I’m grateful for Sunny and her staff who made that vision a reality.

Kerri Dugan Kelley

Yesterday I was in a really bad place emotionally. I was grateful that I could go to ELEV8 and listen to several grounding videos… and Kris’s soothing music. That and your positive affirmations on my headphones for a long time REALLY helped me to stay present and get centered. Just knowing the tools are there and available at any time is comforting.

Terri Cordes Gabriel
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