Taking the first step

If you’re like me, you likely want a map, a road or at least a coordinate. Tell me spirit, HOW to get to where I want/need go. Over the years, I have learned that there isn’t A road. There is NO Right way. The coordinates change constantly. I’ve learned that the how is within me. All I need to do is stay in love and trust and LISTEN to my guidance and I will always be taken care of. I will always be guided, even when it feels like I am not. My guidance never fails me when I am willing to sit in the uncomfortable feelings and be QUIET, PATIENT, CALM.. AND listen!

“Just take the first step, and have the willingness to move forward. The answers are already within you, the appreciation is already there, you are just on an inward journey to find it” ~ Sunny Dawn Johnston

What step will you take today? What is the spirit within you saying?. Please share below – SDJ
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2 thoughts on “Taking the first step”

  1. A good way to start my day, Sunny, with this inspirational message reminder to trust my inner guidance, and move forward knowing all will be well.

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