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Take the First Step and Know the Answers are Within

If you’re like me, you likely want a map, a road or at least a coordinate. Tell me Spirit, HOW to get to where I want/need go. Over the years, I have learned that:

The Map is Within.

There Isn’t a road.

There is NO Right Way.

The Coordinates Change Constantly.

I’ve learned that the how is within me. All I need to do is stay in love and trust and LISTEN to my guidance and I will always be taken care of.

I simply need to just take a STEP! Just 1!

I will always be guided, even when it feels like I am not. My guidance never fails me. I simply must be willing to sit in the uncomfortable feelings and be QUIET, PATIENT, CALM … AND LISTEN!

“Just take the first step, and have the willingness to move forward. The answers are already within you, the appreciation is already there, you are just on an inward journey to find it” ~ Sunny Dawn Johnston

What step will you take today? What is the Spirit within you saying? Please share in the comments below – SDJ♥

17 thoughts on “Take the First Step and Know the Answers are Within”

  1. Halina Jarosz-Renaud

    Dear Sunny, This is so tue and yes even more appropriate as I have taken the leap of faith, and am currently in Japan on a Nationa Geographic tour that will begin tomorrow. Came in a day ahead – to ward off the jet lag – and yet throughout the mis adventures of things right before the trip – just ahead of it – we are here. Now , I am trusting that all the STEPS on this journey will be wonderful – and that Spirit will guide us – one step at a time. Thanks for your “on the mark” insights – sending love – from Kyoto Japan –

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      What an amazing trip it will be!!! Thank you for sharing your jourey with us!! Have a wonderful time my friend!!!

  2. I have been struggling with severe panic attacks, and can’t seem to get a handle on it. I could use some encouraging words to help me through. I keep wondering if this will pass!!!

  3. I take time to go within and ask for special guidance. I look for signs, and when they appear I follow the guidance I feel is being given to me. One step at a time is often the best way for me to move forward. No need to hurry and run, as often that simply leads to a problem in the road and could trip me up. Thanks, Sunny.

  4. I’ve been struggling with answers to work moving forward. I keep asking for signs but haven’t felt like anything has jumped out at me yet.

  5. Thank you SDJ! I’ve just shared these pearls of wisdom with friends and colleagues. I am inspired more than ever to keep walking toward My Bliss. And guess what? The joy I feel is almost overwhelming.

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      You are very welcome and I am glad to hear you are walking towards your bliss and sharing it along the way! Thank you for sharing!

  6. I have taken so many wrong steps. I need to go within so I can quit walking with blinders on. Your guideance has been very inspirational. It’s that-proverbial muscle…l need to start using it again. There is nothing that should come before going within. Trust is where it’s at.

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      You got it my friend!! There are no wrong steps… just many different options and you get to choice which one to take!

  7. My first step today is letting go and just trusting the process. Things are not going as planned for the next few months and I just have to trust that it’s all going the way it should.

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      You got it my friend! Allow the energy to flow and trust the process of life! All is in Divine order. Love ya lots my friend!!

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