Take my intuition challenge

Hey friend….
You’ve probably heard me say it a thousand times.. Everyone is intuitive. Everyone is psychic as well. There truly is no “real” difference, besides the way we perceive the word. Many people feel as though intuition is more natural and psychic feels more like a title. That intuition is softer and safer, psychic is stronger and more ownership over ones gifts. However you want to look at it, I’m here to remind you that YOU are Psychic/Intuitive/Connected… Use whatever word you want.
Because you are Spirit in body (embodied). Period. You are Spirit embodied, therefore you are connected to the Spirit World and it speaks to us through our intuition.
So… Want to try out your skills?
LET”S DO IT!!!!!!!!
Tune into this box… Use all of your gifts… Seeing, hearing, feeling, knowing and smelling. Share int he comment what you got. What your intuition says is inside the box. It’s that simple…
Ready? Set.. GO!!!!!!!!
PS: You can’t win if you don’t play:) Give it a shot, worse case scenario is, you are wrong…. best case.. YOU ROCK your intuitive gifts! 
It takes practice and LOTS of it.. so let’s start now..
Tune in and type in the comments below what ya received with as much detail as you can.
Blessings my friend – SDJ♥
PS: I’ll share with you later today, in this very post.. what was inside of the box.. come back here in a few hours… and see what it was:)
PSS: Please share in the comments below how well ya did once the reveal happens too:)
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28 thoughts on “Take my intuition challenge”

  1. when im sleeping i dream alot, my last dream was in April, all i saw was blood, three days later a friend died from a blood clot, i have many dreams that become reality, i dont know how to connect with the spirit world , my brain never shuts up so i can connect.

  2. I also thought cupcake but I’m going with orange, the fruit. Wait, the more I think cupcake, the more I think vanilla icing with white chocolate sprinkles and one of those butterfly edible decorations. Or I’m just hungry lol x

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