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Suicide crosses my path… Part 2

This is a 2 part story. If you haven’t read part 1, please do so first, otherwise part 2 will not make sense to you:)
So, I left yesterdays blog with this statement, “I trust that it was exactly the way it was meant to be.”
And I absolutely do.
As we drove home, I knew that we were there for a reason, possibly many reasons. Some felt very clear and in alignment with what many of you shared in the comments from yesterdays blog. Thank you for that.
So, we got home and I immediately went outside to ground myself, clear my energy and tune into what else I needed to do, if anything. I sat by the pool, opened my heart and began crying for the man who took his life, for the pain he must have been in. For his family, that would be getting the call that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I know what it is like to get that call, that someone you care about has killed themselves… I’ve received it three times. For the kids, who Thank God were safe, but likely traumatized by the experiences in what they saw and what they heard. june 2015 005
As I sat there, with gentle loving tears rolling down my face, I was replaying the experience in my mind. I began realizing how guided the whole experience was. My head realized that I went out of the house the way I did, which is when I took this picture. I took it not from a shamed or embarrassed place, but because I wanted to capture a moment in time where I knew I was in complete surrender. I then looked down at my feet, floating in the water… which lead me to my shoes, sitting just beside me. At that moment, even though I knew I was there for a reason, I got it. The tears began to fade and the insight began to move through me.
june 2015 007My shoes, 2 different styles of flip flops, different colors, different feeling, different fit. I was wearing two different flip flops. Now, that may not mean much to you, but I have NEVER worn two different shoes. EVER! I am a feeler, it would drive me crazy and here I had spent two plus hours and never even noticed.
The insight I received from this was:

  1. I was divinely guided to this experience. It is why I felt so rushed.
  2. I was so present in the experience, in the guidance, that I had no real awareness of my body (which goes without saying in the way I left the house that day). Which is VERY unusual for me.My head, although it popped in a couple of times, was not in charge.
  3. I was safe and protected and guided, even though I wasn’t fully aware of my body. I was acting from spirit, not from my mind and I was safe.
  4. Not only was I safe, in what some may see as an unsafe situation, but my spirit was strong and trustworthy. It knew what I didn’t.

It was an interesting thing. Those flip slops seemed to represent to me a surrender to my human mind and an opening to spirit without any idea or awareness of why. As a psychic medium, I generally listen to Spirits guidance, but not always in this complete surrender. This day really showed me how powerful spirit can be when you truly just surrender and listen. It was as if my body left the house and my head stayed home. Wouldn’t that be nice sometimes?
big-why-question-daily-dividend-passive-income-investor-seeks-consistent-returns-cash-flowSo, after that insight, my head started looking to the experience a little deeper… Which led me to the big question. WHY????????? WHY was I there?
The cool/funny/interesting thing was.. as I asked that question, I realized the answer was very simple. Too simple for my head, but perfect for my heart.
I was there to BE. Just BE… me!
Yes, the were lots of other explanations and many of the ones you shared in the comments on yesterdays blog were very true. And…
The bottom line was.. I was meant to be there to BE ME! My hubby was meant to be there to BE.. HIM!

Who I am, who YOU are, who WE are all, INNATELY is LOVE!
It is that simple!
So, we were there, to BE LOVE!
End of story!!
Sometimes our head wants more detail, more of an explanation, more understanding. My heart is happy with this:

      • Each and every morning, I meditate.
      • I ground myself and connect with Spirit
      • I set the intention for a beautiful heart filled day.
      • I call in my Angels to protect me, my family and those I come in contact with.
      • I open myself to receive all that is for my highest good

As I get out of bed each morning I ask this question:
This is simply how my service showed up this particular day and I am grateful!
My love to you! I would love to hear your feedback and comments below in the comments section. Have a blessed spirit filled day! ~ Sunny Dawn Johnston
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13 thoughts on “Suicide crosses my path… Part 2”

  1. I’m so thankful that you shared your experience( and your husband’s) Sunny. I think I’ve learned the most important lesson is to listen. The second lesson, is to do as instructed! To BE LOVE is SO important!
    Thank you so much for sharing!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your so very real story. Being called to duty as one of God’s soldiers…spur of the moment…getting out of ego mind..not caring how you look and rushing to the call of Spirit. I’m sure the fellow sat beside you on the pool deck and cried along with you, grateful for the compassion and love he felt, if just for a brief moment, as your eyes met his.
    Blessings, Love & Light to you and Brett

  3. I’m a true believer in always trusting your instinct, and I also believe that that man you had never met watched you sit by the pool and cry for him after that horribly sad event. You have a very loving heart and he felt that

  4. This is beautifully written, Sunny. I’m always moved by your honesty and how real you are. You are love. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting you and learning from you. You know what? You just being YOU has had a tremendous healing/positive affect on my life for which I’m appreciative. You’ve made a HUGE difference and have positively accelerated my personal growth. I’m 100 percent sure that your loving energy brought comfort to that man and there is a connection there. Plus, your love and prayers brought in lots of angels to help those kids. All is well. Lots of love to you! I know we’re not close friends as we don’t know one another that well, but we’re friendly, and I have an enormous amount of respect for you personally and professionally. I love you and appreciate all you offer the world. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Although we did not witness this moment with our eyes, we “feel” it through your writing. All who read this story have been changed in some small way.
    A shared story we will never forget. <3 <3 <3

  6. Thank you for sharing this sad story, and now today giving us Part 2, so we can all learn how important being in the present moment with LOVE held in our hearts can be, as it can help during stressful moments. Such a valuable lesson. You listened, and followed what you felt was being communicated. If we take a moment to reach deep inside for answers, often we will receive them. I will use this advice, and have myself ready, should the occasion ever arise as it did for you, Sunny.

  7. I am with Guliana I am moved to tears and my emotions are for all involved. The sadness this man must have felt to take his own life, it brings me to tears is that can happen to anyone we know . He was somebodys baby and he lost his value of his life somewhere. That is so heartbreaking. the people who saw him take his own life will never be the same and for you and Brett for being in the space. you both are so loving and brave and I am so grateful to GOD for your existence to this society! you are beacon of light in a dark situation! I send love and prayers to you both! This just shows important sharing words of love to all is the most important thing in the world!
    love you all!

    1. Yes!!! her vibration was the light!! and she is teaching us to TRUST.. Trust GOD to give us guidance and then to TRUST ourself. Love.. Love is so important.

    2. If you play the drinking game to this you will not be sober when its done… Thanks again to FanGirl Sarah… that was a pretty “reveling” episode to guest host… If she wants to do another episode, I saw we lob her an easy one… like about video games…or puppies….or chemical warfare.

  8. I find myself in tears reading this for I am so glad to have an amazing mentor who is teaching me so much about LOVE and being. I am grateful to have someone like you in my life. someone I look up to and learn so much from. this story has moved me. thank you for sharing it. I know your BEING LOVE in that situation did alter it beyond what words can explain. We will never know what may have happened if you weren’t there. But what I know for sure is that God wanted you to BE you there.
    Much love Sunny. Much love to Brett too.

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