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Suicide crosses my path… again.

Last week I had one of those life experiences that you don’t easily forget…at least I won’t. Here’s what happened….
Background: My oldest son is getting married in less than a month so we are in need of renting tables, dance floors, decorations etc. I found a place that rents that kind of stuff just down the street from my house. YAY!
PS: Pay attention to the nudges I was getting from Spirit sprinkled throughout the story. – Sunny
Story: My husband came in my office and said, “let’s run up to the rental place and see what they have”. It was 2:20 in the afternoon, the place closes at 3 and I was having an office day. An office day is a day when I don’t see any clients. Let me give you an idea of what an office day looks like:

  1. Roll out of bed at 4:30 am to work and write before the rest of the world gets up.
  2. Throw the clothes on that are nearest the bed so I don’t have to turn the light on and wake up the hubby. Grab a hair clip and put my hair up, without looking.
  3. Walk downstairs and make a cup of tea and use the restroom (bypass the mirror because there is really no reason to look).
  4. Head back upstairs to the office, shut the door and start working.
  5. Come out of office occasionally to refill or empty as in number 3.
  6. Walk out of the office sometime around 9-11 am, brush my teeth, fix my hair a little, wash my face, get the mascara out from under my eyes, etc. These are not cute days. These are office days. Enter at your own risk 🙂 And here is what this days office day looked like: june 2015 008

Back to the story…. So when my hubby came in, I immediately said No. They were closing at 3 and I knew I wouldn’t have the time to get ready and then look at everything we needed to. I said let’s do it tomorrow, in between clients. That worked. My hubby walked out, and as he did, I got a strong sense, I dropped out of my head, into my heart and my spirit said, GO NOW! There was an urgency! I didn’t know why, but I knew, I needed to go now! I called to my husband, “never mind, lets go now”. He was like, ok.. I quickly walked into my bedroom, put on my shoes and left. I was feeling rushed, like I was late to an important event that I needed to be there right away, but I had no idea why. We drove the 2 miles to the place and I was thinking in my head, that maybe the items we needed would be rented by someone else minutes later or something. I wasn’t sure how to explain my sudden rush to go, but I was trying to explain it. It was a very odd feeling.
Side note: Keep in mind, (and I know this is kinda gross, but just being real) I walked out of the house without brushing my hair, my teeth or putting on clean clothes. This never happens, so maybe that will tell you HOW rushed I felt to get there.
Because we had never been there, we took a wrong turn causing us to drive through a parking lot. As we are searching for the location, we realized we were too far south and drove up the edge of the parking lot, around the corner of the drive thru liquor store, and saw our destination in the corner.
We never made it to the destination…
As we were driving towards the rental store, in a sort of strip mall type of parking lot, I was noticing my environment and feeling that rushed feeling still… but more intense. I looked just over my left shoulder, past my husband, to the sidewalk, just 10 feet away. There stood a man…
Gun in hand, pointed to his head and a cell phone in his other hand.
He was standing directly across from us and as I realized what was happening, my eyes made direct contact with his. I could see his intense energy and intent. I’ll never forget that vision. I was dumbfounded. Once my head computed what my eyes were seeing, I tapped my husband on the shoulder and pointed. At that same instance, he saw the man as well. We both realized we were likely in danger, being directly in front of him, and my husband calmly drove past him, parking at the other end of the parking lot. As we drove the 100 feet, I fumbled for the phone to call 911, feeling very aware that time was not on our side and that this man was going to kill himself and/or someone else.
I handed the phone to my husband and immediately called in the angels and asked for the highest good be done. I also asked to please protect any people that might be in harms way. Keep everyone safe, please keep everyone safe. That was my mantra as I sent love to the situation. Truth be told, my first instinct, my head, wanted to get out and approach him… to help him. Luckily, my door was locked as the car was still on… AND my spirit stopped me. My Angels said to me, “BE love”. So I simply held the vision of love, for the highest good. It was the only thing I could do… and why I was there.. to infuse the situation with love.
During those three minutes, my hubby on the phone with the police and I doing my LOVE thing, I was watching. The man had gone inside the smoke shop shortly after we parked. I couldn’t see anything inside, but my heart sank when I watched 5 kids (ages 11 – 18 or so) walk in the door maybe 30 seconds behind him. Again, I wanted to get out, but I knew that wasn’t the right answer. Please keep them safe, please keep them safe…  Infuse love Sunny, Infuse Love!!! I could finally take a breath when they all came out, less than a minute later. I thought to myself, Thank God! Maybe the police can get here in enough time to save him and/or everyone else that may be inside.
As I had that thought, still infusing love, I saw the kids approach the door again, then quickly turn back around and run into the jewelry store next door. It was then that I knew, I could feel, someone was dead. I hoped that it was only him. My heart began racing, I felt a need to do something more.. as if there was something else I could do. I just kept breathing and infusing love.. within seconds, the police were on the scene.june 2015 004
We were asked to go to the scene to complete our report and as we walked over, I could feel the density. It made me nauseous. I then got up the courage to ask the question that I thought I knew the answer to, but wasn’t positive.
Did he shoot anyone else?
The answer: No!
He walked in, drank three canned iced teas and then shot himself in the head. No ONE else was injured. Thank God again!
I took a couple of hours to process the feelings. If we wouldn’t have been there, seen him, called the police … who knows what would have happened.
We will never know.
And.. I trust that it was exactly the way it was meant to be.
Tomorrow I’ll share with you the insight I had as to why we were there. I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below? Why do you think I was there? What purpose did it serve? Also, Please share if you feel guided. Thanks!
Stay tuned for Part 2 Insights and aha’s -Sunny
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20 thoughts on “Suicide crosses my path… again.”

  1. Oh my goodness…..! Thank you for sharing that intimate story of how you were guided, it is nothing short of amazing, I feel so grateful to know that spirit works this way…and that you responded to the call to “be love” without hesitation. You are always an angel “on duty”!! Thank you

  2. Being called to infuse love into the situation, pray safety and have to watch it all unfold in front of your eyes is very dramatic and life changing. Compassion grows within you. Its a lesson in the delicacy of life. You nurture your heart space Sunny. I’m asking your guardian angels to bring you emotional stability and a clear sense of your purpose within the context of this human drama. Peace be with you. I too know what being a loving presence feels in traumatic death situations. Embracing you with wisdom and comforting love, always LOVE

  3. Plain and simple. You listened and acted upon your spirit guidance which so few have the courage to do on this Earth. Your tenacity to follow your spirit even though the mind might say otherwise takes a lot of courage. This man was on a mission and again you listened to your inner compass to stay in the car. You have mastered the Spirit driven life.

  4. I feel that the Dear Soul at some level needed you and your husband to be there and his Spirit was calling out. Also now many Spiritual people that he didn’t know will remember your story and pray for him at a deep deep level. Thank you for being you Sunny and bless you and your husband.

  5. reading this I started reading expecting to hear of Brett’s sailing trip and the about your friends suicide. but then I realized reading further this is not what I expected. my heart started feel heavy and my head started to feel pressure. I am not sure why you were called there except to send love and call the police for the man
    and call in the Angels for protection for all in involved. I feel his goal was a mass shooting so he would not die alone? you were there to call in protection to change the outcome for all in the store. just a thought. I can’t wait to hear the story you have .

  6. Sunny….you were there to communicate and guide him to pass over. Plus I feel a relative of his that has passed over, guided you there with urgency so he would not shoot anyone else.

  7. Regina Shakespeare

    I feel you were there as a spiritual witness so he wouldn’t die “alone & to help him home with unconditional love, to provide protection and guidance for others. Thank you for sharing ♡

  8. Oh, Sunny…You held the love space…brought a deep calm..and safety love net…for those children and/or all who were present. You also gave the man with the gun an opportunity…to holding that space….yet I think his plan..or whatever was to leave at this time…and I am grateful you and your hubby..were there for those who were in that “space” or path..and I am truly sorry the man chose that.I have truly been that desperate..and I have compassion for him, but there is always another way..and hope and help ..because his way was permanent. Bless you so much for sharing..because this is true life experiences ..and many are feeling so lost and desperate..because such deep clearing/cleansing is upon ea and every one of us..including Mother Earth. love to you and yours..

  9. Man. Gun. Liquor store. . has all the makings of a robbery. Gun to head, on the street, on cell phone. . Something strange and tragic was clearly going down. That you were led there and present; calling in love and the angels support. . outcome, no doubt, altered. Suicide always seems so private to me. . On the street or in a liquor store makes no sense. . if these things ever do. I believe in the power of prayer. Most likely you were there to call in the angels.. which protected any other would be victims. Was the store clerk there to see this? It sounds like the children may have witnessed a horrific sight. My prayers go out to each of you. You and Brett were quick thinking to keep driving slowly past… and then to call 911. I think it was smart that you stayed put in the car also. There are lessons for all of us in this story.. Make sure you’re safe and then call for help… as in ‘put the mask on your own face first… and then help small children and others as the plane goes down’… Clear, calm, thinking in a very intense, horrifying moment. You are always amazing. So glad you were not hurt! Three ice teas before he died! Thirsty….Maybe he was trying to talk himself out of it while he drank them. Neil DeGrasse Tyson, atheist, said to a Jesuit Priest, James Martin, “The Universe is not under any obligation to explain itself to us.” .. to which the Jesuit Priest replied, “God is under no obligation either to explain himself to us.” Understanding stuff just always isn’t something we get to do.

  10. You were called to go and help, you did it, and you listened to what to do and not to do, Sunny. You sent love everywhere to help and protect, as you were also being protected. Thank you for sharing this story. A deju vu moment for me, as I recall driving past this location, and turning my head to read the sign showing in your photo here. Did not know this happened, but felt drawn to see that sign. Now I know why. Love is allowing ourselves to feel, and to heal. Thank you for sharing this story. It truly may help someone during a hard time to drop into their heart, and give themselves love. Time to go get a tissue now.

  11. Wow….. I have tears in my eyes and chills all over reading this. And find myself ever so grateful that you and Brett & those children are safe and unharmed. Thank you for sharing and for surrounding all involved with your amazing Love, Spirit and Angels…….

  12. You were there to call in the Angels and protect others from harm. He may have killed the store worker, the kids, someone in the parking lot…who knows. So glad you two were safe and no one else was harmed. The man must have really been hurting inside to do this.

  13. wow….when you ask to be of service in the morning, you REALLY open yourself up to be of service. This is such a good reminder for all of us to LISTEN and TRUST. Thank you Sunny…beautiful job

  14. Dear Sunny.. I have all kinds of shivers reading this.. and I know that you were there for a reason…. you were infusing love into the situation. you were calling in angels. there was no doubt in my mind that the angels came and for the highest good of the situation you most likely saved the children and bystanders in this situation. Your vibration is so very high.. your ability to call in your team and our angels absolutely helped this situation. The outcome would have been the same with him shooting himself but perhaps he felt the love before pulling the trigger. Thank you for sharing with us. I love you. I can’t wait to read tomorrow’s insights and aha’s.
    when you think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration you were able to initiate that perhaps his soul went to the light even in ending his own life. that is my hope and that is the feeling I get.

  15. Wow. Angels sent you there to infuse the situation with love to prevent those kids from being hurt. Thank you for all that you do.

  16. Omg! You were most definitely there to sorround the situation and people with love. And I’m so glad! I had a similar situation during court recently. It was a termination of parental rights trial, and I’m so thankful I was allowed to attend trial so I could help fill the room and each individual with love-calling in all the angels. I couldn’t/wouldn’t have done it or believed it without going thru your classes and Jodie harvalas classes. I am so grateful for the “earth Angels” in my life and I’m so grateful for what you’ve taught me about suicide. I will be praying for the man in your story and those children! Thanks so much for sharing

  17. kristen marchus-hemstad

    Wow is all I can say. So thankful you were drawn there to make sure he didn’t hurt anyone else. Appreciate you sharing.

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