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Spirit Speaks in AMAZING ways!! Read the story first… then watch the video

I teach an Intuitive Development class monthly at my healing center in Glendale, Arizona. It is a time where students both locally and online can come together and learn tools and techniques for opening up to their spiritual guidance. They learn techniques to connect with their angels, guides and loved ones that have passed on as well. In the class, we do several exercises to help people explore all different aspects of intuition, and help them discover their natural gifts.

Usually, I go into class and set up some of the exercises in advance, to prepare for the students. Last week, however, spirit decided that instead of them learning in class, they would learn from my experience, just moments before class began.

This is what happened:

A few minutes before class I text one of my very close friends to check in on her. Her 25 year old stepson had passed away two days earlier of brain cancer and I wanted to see how the family was doing. Once I text her I went to my office to do something really quick at the computer before class started.

On my way to my office, I began to feel a presence, which was her step-son, and I heard a song, very faint, in my right ear ( I always get messages in my right ear). I couldn’t make out the song. All I knew was it sounded kind country and it had the word free/freedom throughout the song... I knew this was a message from him… to everyone.. I sat down at my computer, asking him and spirit telepathically for guidance. What is the name of the song? Who sings it? I needed more information to get the message to them. Just after asking, I looked up, and Kid Rock’s face was right in front of me. It was like his face was floating in front of me. Yup, Kid Rock, the singer 🙂

So, now I knew it was a song by Kid Rock. I was a bit confused, because I was sure it sounded countryish…and I thought he played rock and rap type stuff, but I don’t know any of Kid Rocks music, so I was totally in the dark. What I did KNOW is that it was one of his songs (it’s not everyday Kid Rocks face floats in front of you, right? That, my friends, is a sign).

At this point, I received a text back from my friend that they were hanging in there. I then told her that when I tuned into her stepson, I kept hearing freedom/free… He is FREE.. he has his freedom.. that is how it felt as well as the words I kept hearing. She appreciated hearing that message from him, because of course it made her feel better knowing that. Then I shared with her that the song was a Kid Rock song, but I didn’t know the name of it…

At that point I just Googled “free song kid rock”. Immediately this YouTube video came up. Without even hearing the song, I knew that this was it. I had chills up and down my whole body. It was very clear to me that this was his message... to everyone. So I text my friend and told her to go listen to Born Free by Kid Rock. It was a message from her stepson, to the whole family. He wanted everyone to know that he is free, and he was Born Free.

When I finally got to listen to the song, I was amazed, and I do this stuff everyday. If I searched the lyrics of millions of songs, I don’t believe I would find one that fit this young man, and his experience, better than this song. I love how Spirit works, and how just two days after his death, this young man is teaching his family that he is ok and he is FREE!

I was honored to receive and share his message. My hope is that it will help the families heal.. and always remind them that he is right beside them, whispering messages, and songs, at just the right time.. You just have to listen!!! Oh, and that he was BORN FREE!

An important lesson here is this: It is easy to discount your intuition, especially when you are busy. I was getting ready for class and this song pops in. If I would have ignored it, the message would be lost… and that is the easiest time saving thing to do, just ignore it. I know it isn’t always easy to take a moment to BE with the message. to truly listen, but remember, Spirit speaks in present moment. I know you are busy..BUT  if you want a greater connection with the Spirit world… you HAVE to be present and LISTEN!!!!!!

Enjoy the lyrics of the song:

“Born Free” Lyrics

Fast, on a rough road riding
High, through the mountains climbing
twisting, turning further from my home.
Young, like a new moon rising
Fierce, through the rain and lightning
Wandering out into this great unknown.And I don’t want no one to cry.
But, tell ’em if I don’t survive

I was born free!
I was born free
I was born free, born free.
Free, like a river raging
Strong as the wind I’m facing.
Chasing dreams and racing father time.
Deep like the grandest canyon,
Wild like an untamed stallion.
If you can’t see my heart you must be blind.
You can knock me down and watch me bleed
But you can’t keep no chains on me.
I was born free!
I was born free
I was born free, born free.
And I’m not good at long goodbyes
But look down deep into my eyes
I was born free.
Calm, facing danger
Lost, like an unknown stranger
Grateful for my time with no regrets
Close to my destination
Tired, frail and aching
Waiting patiently for the sun to set
And when it’s done, believe that I
will yell it from that mountain high
I was born free
I was born free
I was born free, born free
I will bow to the shining sea
And celebrate God’s grace on thee
Have you had signs like this from spirit? Do you get communication through songs? I’d love to hear your comments. Please share below – SDJ
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25 thoughts on “Spirit Speaks in AMAZING ways!! Read the story first… then watch the video”

  1. Beautiful Sunny. I was blown away by this when you shared it in your Intuitive Development class. I started paying attention and sure enough I had a similar experience with a song playing in my head over and over, just popping in out of no where. After the third time hearing it suddenly, I remembered what you shared and knew it had to be a message. I didn’t know what song it was and Googled words I was hearing. Listening to the words my mind was blown away, and I was crying and so happy over the lyrics of the song. Unbelievable! Thank you for sharing. If you didn’t share I may have missed a beautiful experience.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience! This is a great reminder to slow down and be present and smell the roses.
    The song gave me chills up my neck and back. What a great reminder for us us living We are born free! We need to believe it now.
    Sending you love and love to the family.

  3. and love the song..such a gift to the family to connect to thier beloved son…blessings to all as we all slow down and listen

  4. Sunny – thank you for sharing this message from Spirit. Beautiful lyrics and they speak to each of us in our own unique journeys.

  5. Hi Sunny Thank you for sharing this most sacred and beautiful experience. I wept all the way through the song. The lyrics spoke so strongly to me filling me with the love of my son who passed at just 18 years old. It also spoke to me about my grandson, age 19, who at the present time has disowned me and who threatens suicide as a way of expressing his unresolved emotions. Thank you.

  6. When my mother passed away in Dec ’97 I asked her to watch over me and my girls. More times than I can count, she will often manifest in the song “Like a Prayer” by Madonna. I pray to her often, and YES, my name is Madonna. The most memorable time I felt her presence is when my family and I were moving and choosing a new home. I was standing in the final home that we decided on, and worrying “if it was the right one, can we afford it, would we be happy here”, etc. I said a silent prayer to my Mom, “Please dear Mom, show me a sign. Tell me if this is the right house and if we’ll be happy here. Please give me a sign.” I then walked out of the house, got in my car, turned on the key and the radio immediately blasted, “FEELS LIKE HOoooome”….a line from that song. I was stunned. I looked at my radio and of course it said the words, “Like a Prayer, Madonna” and I looked up to the heavens and said, “Thanks Mom!” I had received my sign.
    Another time the song played is shortly after I moved into the home, I got in the car one day to pick up my daughter from school. I started backing out quickly because I was late. I immediately stopped, put my foot on the brake, and for some reason, stopped to take my cellphone out of my pocket, then continued to go in reverse. I suddenly looked in the rear view mirror and three young children I had never seen before in the neighborhood had just walked behind my car on the sidewalk. Had I not stopped to take out my cellphone, I would have backed right into those three little children. I stopped and shook in a panic, shouting “oh my god, oh my god, what just happened?, realizing how close I came to backing up over those children. One second later, my song came on the radio….”Like a Prayer” by Madonna….and I knew my Mom had been watching over me and those precious little ones.

  7. That’s exactly how it happened…..I was making dinner, Sunny comes down stairs and said I just got a message from —– listen to this song….We both stood there with tears and chills. The “Spirit People” once told me…dead,dead….We’re not dead….We’re more alive than you are 🙂 I believe they speak the Truth! ???

  8. Sunny, I am so sorry for your loss. But I do love this story. ❤️My son died at 20 (he would now have been 25). After he was gone I had a strong pull that I needed to buy a kid rock CD because it “had a message for me from Alex.” !! As soon as I heard Born Free I KNEW that was from him. I had not told anyone this, but a couple weeks later someone my husband went to high school with wrote him and said she had a dream that was so intense she could not ignore it. In the dream she was told to tell us to listen to Born Free by kid Rock! No kidding! Xo

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      That is so Amazing:) I love the synchronicity:) Isn’t it fabulous how clearly spirit can speak when we are listening:) Thanks for sharing:)

      1. Thanks. My boy literally was on a mountain when he crossed over as the song says “And when it’s done, believe that I
        will yell it from that mountain high”!

  9. Hi Sunny!
    My Mom passed just shy of two years ago. I grew up listening to Elton John and he was my Moms all time favorite singer and mine as well. Since she has been gone she plays Elton John all the time when I am in my car! Her way of saying “I’m still here”. I also kept hearing the song “Spirit In The Sky” and when I posted about it because I knew it was for someone else, my dear friend Beth told me that it’s her Father and those are the lyrics on his tombstone. Pretty awesome the way Spirit lets us know they are still with us.

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