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Spirit calls one of our Sunlight community members home – Drop by for a visit anytime Sandy Skoney

Happy New Year my friends! As we celebrated 2015 and brought in a NEW 2016 Year our sweet and silly Sandy made her transition back to spirit sometime in the last 48 hours. Gratefully one of her friends called for a well check, something that I did a month or so ago as well, but the circumstance were different this time. That time she argued (in true Sandy style) that she was fine, and the firefighter finally convinced her to go to the hospital… thankfully. Sandy had been having some health issues and was living on her own. When the police found her, she was laying on the couch. I absolutely KNOW she is at peace… I feel her now as I type this 🙂december 2015 002
I am so grateful that we were able to spend a few hours with her at our Christmas party fundraiser just three weeks ago. She told me she would be happy to do anything, as long as I had a chair for her to sit in. I got her spot all ready and she sold raffle tickets and gave the freebie tickets away. This pic was her spot all ready for her to do her magic:) SandyThis pic was taken at the event. She looked good, but she felt tired to me. She was so happy to contribute and be a part of it all. I think, If I remember correctly, she attended every Sunlight Fundraiser since 2009…  Thank you Sandy.. for everything and for allowing me to be a part of your journey:)
Sandy was a star student in my Mind, Body, Spirit Certification class in 2009. She LOVED that class and her classmates. She was a great card reader and read at every event, oftentimes having lines of people waiting for her. Boy, did she LOVE doing readings too… P1000799There are soooo many ways to describe Sandy Skoney. Anyone that knows her, has gotta love her, just because of who she is. What a heart she had.. always thinking of something new someone could do, create, make… she would even supply you with the products to do them…I was on the receiving end of her “ideas” many times. It makes me laugh as I sit here remembering when she thought it would be a good idea if i made dog biscuits.. I said, “no Sandy, I don’t think so.. I think you should make them”… and she did.. She would deliver them to people all the time and we used them as a fundraiser item a few times too. A beautiful soul and a loving heart.. That’s our Sandy. You just Gotta love her 🙂
P1000775I know that there are many people that will be touched by this news. Sandy was a character and KNEW a lot of people. She was also a talker.. she wasn’t quiet in life… so you can expect a visit anytime soon. Keep an eye out for her. The entire time I have been typing this up, I have felt her on my right side.. Tell them all… “you can’t believe the beauty. You just can’t even believe it.” And also nudging me to remind you all.. “someone needs to make the dog biscuits now. She will be busy” Sorry Sandy, i still don’t think it is for me:) Anyone interested?
If you feel guided, join me in lighting a candle for those that will be shocked / saddened by the news. I for one see that she is overwhelmed with joy.. She has her groove on and shows me herself dancing with a red dress:) That’s our Sandy.
~ Fly with the Angels my friend. They were always so important to you.. and say HI to my Grandma Bonnie, who shares the same spirit birthday now. -SDJ
I’d love to hear your memories of Sandy. Please share below and we can create a beautiful group of memories for us all -All my love – SDJ

21 thoughts on “Spirit calls one of our Sunlight community members home – Drop by for a visit anytime Sandy Skoney”

  1. Thank you for your kind tribute to my aunt!! She had a great spirit and was NEVER idle!! She treasured her time in her “classes” with her friends and mentors. It is so wonderful to read such a heartwarming and thoughtful rememberance of her and the times she spent with dear friends.

    1. So, you are the niece we heard so much about. Honored and blessed to have been friends with Sandy:) We will be doing a celebration of her life too. Please contact me if you are interested in joining us. We’d love to meet you. She always talked about you. 602-375-6788

  2. Sunny, I did not know Sandy, but your tribute to her is stunning. I am so touched by your love, humor and gentleness in describing Sandy. Much love to you and your team as you send off another angel into the light. Love you!

  3. I did not know Sandy either. This is a most beautiful read of her. Thank you. I truly can feel her through the pics.So inspiring. . Joy. Candle is lit as of now. In gratitude..ty SDJ.

  4. I am new & did not meet her directly – yet through your words and her friends along with temporary glimpses of her Spirit in pictures…I am honored to share in her transition & witness her Light. May you all stay connect to her Light, Laughter, and Love as u call on her in thoughts! Blessings

  5. Sandy, you had so much love to give and we’re always willing to suggest great creative ideas. I really enjoyed doing readings next to you as you did yours at Pam’s store and talking with you after that. Your light is so warm and bright, and you will be greatly missed here on Earth. But I know you’re so happy that your spirit is so free and unlimited now. See you on the other side dear one. Much love, Hope

  6. I never new her but she feels like she was a colourful happy lady. Sandy will definitely be soaring with the angels ♡♡♡ I have lit a candle for her. My love & thoughts go out to her family

  7. So sorry to hear this news. It is a blessing to know Sandy. So Glad I got to see her and laugh with her at the Christmas Party. I will light a candle for her. Sending love to family and friends.

  8. Thank you for your thoughts about Sandy,. She was a force in my life that was desperately needed. .She gave me many suggestions to help me in many ways. Sandy cheered me up when I needed it, and was always ready to help everyone in any way she could. She will be sorely missed but Heaven has gained a new Angel.

  9. Thank you for sharing, Sunny. Sandy has a beautiful forever soul that continues to smile upon us all. She definitely taught us wonderful lessons about life, and now she shared with you the best bonus for all that hard work….being in the most wonderful place she has ever seen. Yes, she is encouraging us all to do our best, and as for the doggie biscuits, I think my mother has a recipe, so will check on that. Peace to all, here and above.

  10. Sunny, thank you for your beautiful words about Sandy. I was blessed to know Sandy through a few classes and her readings and a yoga class. I loved her open happy personality. Come visit me anytime Sandy!

  11. Thank you Sunny for this beautiful tribute to Sandy. To me Sandy was one of the funniest people to be with. Her humor was infectious and would get people laughing in no time. Going through the 9 month Mind, Body Spirit Certification class with Sandy let me really get to know who Sandy was inside and she was a emotionally deep and caring person; not afraid to keep working on herself and share her feelings. Sandy helped me though that class as I was so shy with partnering up with people and when I would get Sandy which was often she was the person I was not afraid to completely open my heart up to. She had that way to make you feel so comfortable and loved. I would look forward to seeing her every week. When our class ended we would get together in the park and she would practice her cards with Janine and I. She was so good that I always wanted to just sit there and let her read the whole time. Sandy will never be gone from thoughts and will always have a place in my heart! I know she is stirring up all kinds of things wherever she is…lol…. Thank you Sandy for your loving spirit…. Please come visit me!

  12. never got the privledge to meet this beautiful lady.. but can feel she was an awesome soul.. fly and enjoy your new beautiful life Sandy!!! You can pop in on us that didn’t know you either and show us how your beauty..hugs and love to all..

  13. I had posted that Santa forgot me this last Christmas and I even had a sign on my front door, telling Santa I had been an angel.
    This is the advice I received from Sandy, “Next year try singing the sexy version of Santa, Baby, and request he come down your chimmney! That might work! 🙂 LOL. THANK YOU, Sandy for looking out for me. Love ya. <3

  14. Beautiful tribute Sunny & so fitting. Loved her & may she always be a reminder to all of us, to beat to our own drum & never be afraid to be yourself. Lots of love to Sandy! Safe travels friend ♡

  15. Oh sweet Sandy…my friend, how you will be missed…A sweet memory of mine…We made a pact once, that we were going to clean our rooms of clutter come hell or high water, and we were going to do it together (her idea but i was glad we had a plan). So, EVERY day we called each other to hold each other accountable, and to tell what items we would toss donate or sell. But she made sure I knew NOT to call during Dancing With The Stars (her favorite show). That’s about the time she had a “brainstorm” (she called it) that I should make and sell door to door, homemade organic dog biscuits : ) i felt guilty when I politely declined bit am happy to know Sunny was offered the job as well!!! Sandy had the most beautiful blue eyes and a contageous laugh…i will continue to think of her often, and miss her dearly.

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