September 20th, 2021, Full Moon in Pisces

The Full Moon of September calls us to surrender into the divine feminine nature of this intuitive, emotional, and potent lunar phase. The water sign of Pisces is represented by the water element, innately directing us into the depths of being. The feminine nature of the moon invites us to examine forceful or grasping ways, and dismantle them to employ intuition, flow, and sacred stillness. A Pisces moon contains a mystical quality, an invocation of potentials, making it ripe with the makings of magical manifestations and divine synchronicities.

To embody the wisdom of this Pisces Full Moon, witness and observe behaviors of fluidity. Notice all that flows around you, the way water moves between and around obstacles. It does not try to be – it already is and allows its truest expression to unfold, sometimes contained, sometimes in a form of a raging river. Trust the powerful current moving through you; it contains the essence of wisdom present for you to extract and work with.

This full Moon name is attributed to Native Americans because it marked when corn was supposed to be harvested. Most often, the September full Moon is the Harvest Moon, which is the full Moon that occurs closest to the fall equinox. In two years out of three, the Harvest Moon comes in September, but in some years it occurs in October. At the peak of harvest, farmers can work late into the night by the light of this Moon. Usually, the full Moon rises an average of 50 minutes later each night, but for the few nights around the Harvest Moon, the Moon seems to rise at nearly the same time each night: just 25 to 30 minutes later across the U.S., and only 10 to 20 minutes later for much of Canada and Europe. Corn, pumpkins, squash, beans, and wild rice – the chief native American staples – are now ready for gathering. (Farmer’s Almanac)

Tips for the September 20th Full Moon:

This Full Moon offers an increase in intuitive insights and downloads, especially those received around water and in nature. It is a favorable Moon, one delivering opportunities and fulfilling wishes. Manifesting can feel a little smoother during this lunation; effortless ease can arrive if you connect to the flowing nature of the water element. Occasionally when the current carries us forward, we initially experience excitement and then sometimes fear overtakes us, and we begin to hold back from the natural rhythm moving though. Acknowledge this as the mind trying to gain a sense of control when things seem “too good to be true.” This is not the intuitive aspect of self; it is the ego and a conditioned response, here to reframe and rewire.

This magical moon can create moments of bliss, where you feel unstoppable and energized. It is safe to ride the waves of possibility. It is teaching you new ways of being in harmony with the divine feminine nature of receptivity. All is obtainable if you align and honor intuitive hits and downloads. Write them out and review them, even if at first glance they do not make sense. They will continue to reveal themselves as you take action steps to bring them into form.

“She is so bright and glorious that you cannot look at her face or her garments for the splendor with which she shines. For she is terrible with the terror of the avenging lightning, and gentle with the goodness of the bright sun; and both her terror and her gentleness are incomprehensible to humans… But she is with everyone and in everyone, and so beautiful is her secret that no person can know the sweetness with which she sustains people and spares them in inscrutable mercy.” ~Hildegard von Bingen

Ways you can allow this Full Moon to support you:

  1. Find out when the moon rise is in your city by going here: http://www.timeanddate.com/moon/
  2. Find a place where you can see or sense the energy of the full moon – preferably a comfortable position with the moon in sight. If you can sit outside on the earth for this exercise, you may notice a larger shift. Bring a journal and pen.
  3. Breathe in an out slowly, orienting yourself to the energy of the moon.
  4. Tune in to her while you breathe… can you sense the feminine quality of this moon? What does she feel like? How do you sense her? How does the moonlight feel on your skin?
  5. Journal the sensory experiences you are tapping into; do not judge or censor. Free write for five minutes or more – this engages the subconscious mind, opening to the feminine nature of the unconscious through this Moon’s energy.
  6. Ask the moon to speak to you… then listen and write some more. Ask questions, dialogue with her; do not feel silly connecting with her in this way.
  7. Bring your awareness now to the breath, allow the eyes to gently close as you begin to breathe slowly and mindfully. Deepen your inhale and exhale…
  8. Sit with the stillness of the body and Full Moon; remain open and let go as you breathe. Write and reflect until you feel complete.

*Reminder: each Full Moon can impact you for up to 3 days prior to the Full Moon and 3 days after the Full Moon.

Full moons are always powerful times for releasing and letting go. Try creating your own ceremony or honoring of this time to embrace the energy that this time has to help you create space in your life for what you truly desire. As always, remember you are not alone in experiencing this phase; be mindful of this when encountering others over these next few days. Send them love as they are also shining a light on themselves and may be extra sensitive during this time. The next full moon is in the sign of Aries on October 20th and is known as the Full Hunter’s Moon.

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Melissa Kim Corter

Melissa Kim Corter is a best-selling author, intuitive coach, and clinical hypnotherapist. She helps women overcome money and visibility blocks with evidence-based and spiritual approaches. She guides entrepreneurs to manifest increased levels of financial and emotional success with her heightened intuition. Melissa mentors entrepreneurs to hone their message and gifts, while activating potential. She feels we’re here to live a legacy, not just leave one behind. Melissa builds business with magic, ritual, and strategy; weaving joy into the talents our souls came to express. She’s the founder of Wild Woman Inc., a sacred online gathering space and marketplace for the woman “who knows her magic” and seeks to celebrate it with other conscious, collaborative, women. Check out the Wild Woman Marketplace for witchy, wise, magical, and mystical products and services for women. http://wild-woman.com/

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