I started my journey with Sunny in 2004 as a student. I attended an Archangel class at a community college … scheduled a session … and the minute I walked into the Healing Center for my session, I knew I had found my new home.

I LOVED Sunny, her work, and wanted to make the practice of self-awareness and personal growth part of my everyday life.

I felt like a human sponge who just could not get enough!! I later moved on to become a volunteer … and within a short period of time, I had become what I had aspired to be … the Administrative Assistant to Sunny Dawn Johnston!

I have been a part of the SDJ community now for 18 years!!

I have been blessed to have attended classes, expos, retreats, events, trips, and have been honored to have touch soooo many hearts along the way!

After a diagnosis of stage 4 breast cancer in Dec. 2017, my world quickly changed – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In the blink of an eye, life as I had known it was tossed up in the air, and as the pieces began to fall, I struggled to find my footing again.

In recent months, I had scaled back my workload with the intention of making more time to focus on self-care, with the hope to continue to be of service to a community I had grown up in and love so deeply.

The time has come for me to let go of my position as Sunny’s Administrative Assistant and allow the next chapter of our lives to begin. As this chapter closes and a new one begins, I will forever hold close to my heart with love and appreciation the SDJ community and the team members that work so hard to be of service to a growing community!

My hope is as I leave my position, you will carry with you an imprint on your heart of my love and the sound of laughter when you hear my name 😊 It has been an incredible journey … THANK YOU!!

Thank you, Sunny, Kris and Deb, for standing beside me during some of my most difficult times and for the endless laughter that made it almost impossible to catch our breath!! I love the three of you tremendously and am forever grateful for all that you have shared with me over the years! THANK YOU!!

I will still be present on Facebook from time to time and will be following each of you as you learn, grow, and go on, to create your own greatness!

It is with a grateful heart and eyes filled with tears that I let go.

It has been an honor to be of service and until our paths cross again … I wish you health, love, and peace!!

And So It Is!!

From My HEART to YOURS … Namaste’
Robin Lynn Harned

In Service ... Laughter & Love

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