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Reincarnation – Do you believe?

I do!
I believe that our soul exists in the spirit world. It will always be in the spirit world. Our spirit, an aspect or part of our soul, will incarnate into a physical body and experience a particular lifetime. While our spirit is in a physical body, it always remains connected to our soul in the spirit world.
Some people refer to a “higher self.” For me, the higher self is the soul. Now, when our physical body dies, our spirit returns to the spirit world and rejoins with our soul. Our soul then has all of our lifetimes of experience to expand and grow from the hundreds or perhaps even thousands of lifetimes that we have incarnated.
The communication we receive from our ancestors can help us with our healing, or their healing, or, in the case of the woman’s story earlier, it can validate our beliefs and bring us joy as we connect with them in our physical lives. And it is possible that the individuals we are especially drawn to from our past may in fact be an aspect of our very own soul. Surely there could be no greater confirmation that our love and spirit live on forever!
Once you return to Spirit, you have knowledge of all that you are and all that you have been. You may not choose to focus on it, but you are aware of all aspects of your soul or all expressions of your divine light. Once in heaven, you are no longer a person with a name. You are a soul, a vibrational, infinite being. If you choose to reincarnate quickly, you will still have the ability to communicate with those left behind because your soul will still be intact.
Check out this image – It is my best explanation….
reincarnationThe circle represents your soul (nonphysical).
The heart represents your spirit, the connection to the nonphysical (your soul).
The names within the circle represent each physical incarnation (lifetime) you have lived. Each name is an aspect, a part of your soul. The empty aspects are incarnations (lives) still to come.
There could be hundreds of incarnations.
When you are born, an aspect of your soul incarnates into the body (known as Mark in this description). When Mark dies, he reemerges back into the nonphysical (his soul).
The the cycle repeats itself.
So Mark was Frank in a previous life and before that was Catherine, and before that John, etc.
All of the time, the soul is intact, and the spirit that has incarnated (Mark) is always connected to the nonphysical (his soul).
I’d love to hear your feedback on Reincarnation. Does this image make sense to you? Please share – Sunny Dawn Johnston
Excerpt from The Love Never Ends

12 thoughts on “Reincarnation – Do you believe?”

  1. Hi Sunny, I remember a glimpse of a past life in France as a young lady staying in a small hotel close to the Eiffel Tower , another life 1930’s I watched a man push me into lake were I drowned ‘I have fear of water.’

  2. Sunny Dawn Johnston

    Likely, they have had many many lives in one particular gender, so they identify more with it. I do agree, that for them, I know some personally, they feel like they were “dropped into the wrong body”. Thank you Julie

  3. Very much enjoyed hearing you on Coast to Coast last night too! Would love to hear more of your thoughts on past lives. Why do you think some people find it difficult, if not impossible to live life in the gender they were born with, in a particular lifetime?

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      Likely, they have had many many lives in one particular gender, so they identify more with it. I do agree, that for them, I know some personally, they feel like they were “dropped into the wrong body”. Thank you Julie

  4. I also believe!! and I love your circle explanation and how the heart is the souls connection! I also believe we incarnate with our soul family who signs up to show up in various ways in this life time or others. As Donna above commented , I also think our soul can be incarnated for different parallel lifetimes simultaneously! I think what you wrote sunny can also support this belief since another piece of our soul can incarnate in another physical form simultaneously. thanks for sharing this blog!!! it is time for this to be mainstream!

  5. Beautiful explanation!
    I also like to think of reincarnation as a dimension. I knew of a man that is said to have discovered 14 different dimensions, that are operating at the same “time”. “Time” only being here with us in this time. **grin** So that we can fulfill our lessons and lives.
    Have a great day!!

  6. Really enjoyed your appearance on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory last night (or this morning)! You’re refreshingly down to earth for a psychic (or medium, not sure what your title is). You answered George’s queries honestly and I thought you and he had a special host/guest chemistry.

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      Thank you Gary.. I appreciate your comments. I am pretty down to earth for a psychic Medium.. you can call me either:)

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