Recycle * Reduce * Reuse

I was recently at ASU registering my son for college and all over the campus I saw Recycle containers. They were everywhere. I love it when i see recycling being offered. It is heartwarming and environment saving.
Several years ago, we started to recycle all of the boxes and packaging that we received from orders. They aren’t pretty, and I really like pretty. However, if we have the right size and shape for a package, we will recycle first, always! As a business owner, I believe it is part of my responsibility to not only recycle, but to make others aware as well. If not us, then who???
This is the little note we put in all of the packages we send out that are using recycled items.
Recycle * Reduce * Reuse
Please, pardon our packages appearance. Sunny Dawn Johnston and Sunlight Alliance re-use packing material and boxes to encourage everyone to do the same…. Save our Environment!
****Please reuse and recycle this package and packing material! Let’s start a trend!!!****
The Planet, Sunny Dawn Johnston & Sunlight Alliance thanks you!
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