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Real talk about Suicide…. and those left behind.

I grew up hearing that if you committed suicide, you would go to hell.
It never felt true to me! Never!
It felt as though if someone ended their life, they would receive even more love to help them to heal the aspects of themselves that were in such pain. The God of my understanding (Universe, Spirit, Divine) is an all loving God!
Gratefully, through several experiences with suicide in my life, I have witnessed this as truth.
I have seen the light beings healing those that have passed in this way. I have received messages from those in spirit, that they received more unconditional love than they ever knew existed. I have been blessed to connect with those in Spirit and KNOW they are in a healing and loving space.
But, there is another aspect of suicide that is rarely talked about…. at least out in the open.
It is not talked about because there is so much shame and guilt around this part of the subject…. and that is the contrast of deep sadness… and relief..
I have had several clients that although they are hurting and sad… they also have some relief.. and then guilt that comes with that relief. Now generally.. this relief comes with dire circumstances… Oftentimes with people that were abusing themselves or others. That were in the depths of their own pain and shame.. and expressing it in very unhealthy ways… holding hostage the love that they truly were.
Suicide is a hard road…. No doubt about it…
So, if you have struggled with the suicide of someone close to you and wish you could have done something different, I send you love.
If you are struggling with the suicide if someone close to you… and you feel relief that they are no longer in so much emotional pain… and thereby freeing you of some of that pain.. I send you love.
If you struggle with feeling suicidal, please reach out for help.. YOU are LOVE and are LOVED! You deserve the help my friend!!
Blessings of love and light to you! – SDJ♥
Hey my friend.. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Have you experienced this yourself? You have a right to your feelings, and they are not right or wrong. They are feelings.

10 thoughts on “Real talk about Suicide…. and those left behind.”

  1. Please look into EMDR to help let that image go into long term memory, rather than continuing in the mental movie stage. You deserve peace, too…

  2. We lost our oldest son to suicide.. He passes away August 13 th 2016 he would have been 20 August 29 … I have got my signs , and has much as I dearly love him miss him terribly, I know his mind is healed he is at peace and dancing in the sky with the good lord and all the other angels ..

  3. A facebook friends suicide has been on my mind all week this week! I didn’t know her personally but after the fact I learned that she lived in the town I work in…I drive right by her apartment twice Monday thru Friday right now. I hadn’t seen her desperate posts. I am the type of person who would go to a stranger’s and help them find resources. I am saddened by the loss of this human being that lost her way and didn’t get the help she needed. She was about to be homeless and ended her Life.
    I have experience with being long term ill and homeless for a short and long three weeks…no money and no food at times. Searching under vending machines for change for breakfast money. Thank God my mother was merciful and did what she could…
    I had also lost my way and disconnected from The Source where I believe all life comes from. I was at the bottom and considered what my life might be worth when God appealed to me! As a result I learned to be grateful! We all need help sometimes and it is ok to help.
    We are each other’s loved one’s….and each of our lives is meant to be…sometimes we need help!
    If someone in you’re life is missing in action reach out and ask what you can do to help! Sometimes all it takes is to be there so they know their not alone!
    Sometimes listening can save life and it costs you nothing!
    Bless someone today…check in on a friend! You are blessed in return!

  4. It’s been a year since the day I found my baby brother 5 days after he passed….your article was amazing regarding sucide and he’ll. I honestly believe like you..still hard to grasp the fact he’s gone though I go through hell daily any advice on how to get that image of him out of my head how to remember the good instead of the last sight of him? I can’t get past it and it still bothers me as bad amazing s it did the day I found him

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