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BE the Change Radio was established in 2020 with one simple goal in mind: to be a voice that uplifts, empowers, and provides a new perspective. Our mission is to connect with people in ways that open their hearts, minds and souls and to be a healthy and loving alternative to the institutional & media driven focus on fear. We are the best internet platform offering peace, harmony, expansion and growth.

We are located in the internet cloud and are growing and expanding with our audience. Our online streaming radio station is on 24/7 every day of the week with inspired talk and music. When you are listening to BE the Change Radio you will find the kind of music and motivation that you need to remind you of WHO you ARE and how you can BE the Change you wish to see in this world, one moment at a time. You’ll never want to leave … and … you don’t have to. Stay tuned!

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Enlightening podcast

Be the change is definitely what Be the Change will do. When Sunny talks, you definitely see yourself in what she saying. She’s relatable and light hearted. That’s what creates new ways of thinking and reacting. I’ll be a loyal listener for life.
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Amazing Content!

This app is easy to use and is full of content. I’ll be listening to this app on my road trips and work days from now on.
Lightworker Warrior
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This is AWESOME!

Sunny and Kris are so gifted, and to think now we can have access to them any time, anywhere! I’m so excited for the morning and evening meditations. This is genius!
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Fantastic App.

I met Sunny 3 years ago when my son died from a heroin overdose at the age of 26. Not ever thinking I could get over this tragic event in my life, I searched for answers on how to connect with him and heal my broken heart. Apparently I already had angels guiding me because I was lead to this beautiful soul Sunny Dawn Johnston. Not even knowing I was broken in so many ways she has taught me how to heal myself. I am and always will be a project in progress and I take her teachings to the depths of my soul every waking moment. In return i have found my son right here in my heart that I AM LOVE, I AM A LIGHTHOUSE, and I will survive this life through LOVE, patience and gratitude. This radio station is a blessing to me and will be to all who take Sunny along with you on your journey. THANK YOU TO THE SDJ TEAM!!!! I love you. Pam
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Be the Change

I just love this App! Sunny is an amazing teacher and is so genuine in using her own life journey to teach us all how to be more accepting, forgiving and loving, of ourselves and others. Her guidance helps lead you out of pain and to a different perspective and direction. Kris’s singing and music is like icing on the cake! So filled with emotion and insight that is reflective of Sunny’s teaching. I turn to this app to relax and reinforce and remind myself of what I have learned and what I am.
Tara Jack
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This is what we need

Sunny has been a mentor of mine for about 10 years. Since the first time I met her, I couldn’t get enough of her classes and teachings. Since then the evolution of my life, to a successful entrepreneur to the healing of many emotional stories my mind held on to. She has helped so many souls throughout this time!! She is the real deal. Now you can access this plus her beautiful musician all for free!!! This is fabulous!!!!
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New app-radio Sunny Dawn Johnston

I love this radio station. It is so empowering to turn the radio on and find positive thoughts and advice. I have gotten so feed up with the phony news that is being broadcast. All the hate that is being feed to us is not truly who we are. Let’s rally around the real truth...we are loving Humanitarian beings. You will always find it on this station.
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Shining bright

Sunny and her amazing team have done it again! Be the change radio is just what we need I’m times of such disconnect. A way to connect and dig in mind, body, and spirit! To help us on our inner growth to be the change we want to see in the world! So much amazing content anytime of day and even more amazing it’s FREE!!! Thank yuh so much for being a lighthouse!
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Be The Change Radio is SUPERB!

I became aware of Sunny Dawn Johnston and Kris Voelker in early 2019, and I’ve been a big fan ever since! To be able to access Sunny’s life-changing teachings and Kris’ inspirational music 24/7 is such a gift!!! I’m truly grateful that they are supporting and uplifting us during these challenging times with Love, Joy, and Hope!
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Listening now to “No”. Very interesting and helpful. I miss the “Off the Cuff” 1:11 pm daily show during the weekends.

Drama...on stage only

Learn to maintain your own energy.
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Uplighting, high vibe music and teaching

LOVE, love, love this app‼️Always something to lift me up and brighten my mood. A great balance of inspiring teaching mixed with beautiful harmonies. Highly recommend.
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This radio station lifts my spirit every time I listen to it! It is filled with beautiful music and inspiring content!
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