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BE the Change Radio was established in 2020 with one simple goal in mind: to be a voice that uplifts, empowers, and provides a new perspective. Our mission is to connect with people in ways that open their hearts, minds and souls and to be a healthy and loving alternative to the institutional & media driven focus on fear. We are the best internet platform offering peace, harmony, expansion and growth.

We are located in the internet cloud and are growing and expanding with our audience. Our online streaming radio station is on 24/7 every day of the week with inspired talk and music. When you are listening to BE the Change Radio you will find the kind of music and motivation that you need to remind you of WHO you ARE and how you can BE the Change you wish to see in this world, one moment at a time. You’ll never want to leave … and … you don’t have to. Stay tuned!

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Spirit Speaks LIVE!

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Invoking the Archangels

The Love Never Ends

I Am Power


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