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SDJ Session Gift Card



Have you ever had that unpleasant feeling of not knowing what to buy someone? Do you or your loved one love Sunny and her work.. and want to work with her more?

If yes, then a gift card makes everything easier. If you want a gift card, you can send over the link to those that are looking for the perfect gift for you. Of course, if you want to purchase a gift card for someone special, then you can do that right here as well.

Now you can create a gift card in any amount! How fun is that?

Simply decide on the amount, put in the recipient’s name and email address.. as well as your name and personal message..

And you are all set!

Your gift card will be automatically sent via email. Your loved one can use the gift card to pay the total amount of their session or part just of it. You can even order your gift card now and postpone the gift card delivery until the specified date. Perfect right?

Makes it real easy to get birthday gifts and holiday gifts all taken care of at one time;)

Once purchased, you will receive an email every time the purchased gift card is used and the remaining balance of the gift card, if partially used, is shown on the My Account page.


Easy Peasy! Looking forward to connecting with your loved ones for an enlightening session.