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Today, as I sat with my blank screen in front of me, tuning into what I would write about, my Spirit said Prince.… how can I not write about Prince....  not that I was his greatest fan.. and not that he was my favorite musician.. but MAN was he talented… and so it is… I’ll write about Prince.
8trackI can still remember the first time I heard Little Red Corvette. I was 12 years old, sitting on my bed in the basement, listening to the radio on my really cool stereo I had gotten recently for my birthday. It looked something like this… 8 track and all. I can literally see me in my room, listening to this song that was just unlike any other song I had heard. I loved it… and I was hooked. I asked my parents to take me to the mall, so that I could go and purchase the 8track…
I listened to it 8track 2all the time.It was different and cool and exciting. His music was a soundtrack to my life for those early teenage years. When Doves Cry, Purple Rain, 1999, Let’s Go Crazy, Little Red Corvette, Kiss, You got the Look… But, when my 13 year old naive ears heard darling Nikki, I wasn’t sure what to think. I didn’t even know what masturbation was. I looked it up in the dictionary, which that only led to more questions. It took a few years for this innocent Utah girl to learn what it all meant. It certainly wasn’t taught in health class… that I recall anyway:) I guess Prince was a teacher in many ways 🙂
001-red-corvetteOver the years, I would go in and out of Prince mode, buying his albums, but not necessarily loving them like i did the first couple. In 2004 my brothers surprised me with a concert of a lifetime. Prince rocked it out… He was AMAZING. He was ECCENTRIC. He was SEXUAL. He was PRINCE…and made no apologies for any of it. I LOVED his Spirit during that concert. And man, was he a showman. 3 encores later, he finally ended his concert in Arizona. It was the best concert I have ever seen… and I have been to a lot of concerts! I am so grateful that I got to see him LIVE… and ALIVE
I had always wanted to see the BeeGees in concert. When Maurice died I made a mental note… go to their concert the next time they are around. I didn’t 🙁 I guess i just figured, I’d catch them next time. Then Robin died. Now, there is only 1 BeeGee left. There are no more BeeGees concerts to attend.

prince (1)
A picture my brother bought me that had been sitting in the garage… Took it out in honor of the life of Prince and a reminder to myself.

I am reminded, with the passing of so many musicians this year…and the changes in life in general… it is time to LIVE. DO what you want to do, SEE what you want to see, GO where you want to go, and VISIT the people you want to visit. You may never get another chance… And, I am not being negative… just offering a reminder… Those things you want to do.. if you wait too long, you may not be able to. Those things you want to see, they may not be there any longer. Those places.. they can change.. sometimes even disappear or shut down. And, those people, they can die.
CHANGE is the constant.. and it is HAPPENING NOW!
The moment we have is NOW! Lets remember, we have this amazing life to LIVE.. Lets LIVE it! I am making a commitment to myself, maybe you will join me… to DO IT!!!!!!!! Those things that are in my heart. No more waiting til this or that. I will do it! How about you? Anything you have missed out on because you were waiting too long?
Thank you Prince, for the music, the teachings, and the reminder! – SDJ
PS: I do…. not so Secretly… hope there is a vault somewhere with unreleased music that we can all hear, with maybe greater appreciation now.
Did you know…

  • Prince played over 20 instruments?
  • He became a Jehovah witness as an adult
  • He had Epilepsy, which apparently caused him to be moire internal, and use his time creatively through music and expression. One day he told his mother he wasn’t going to have them anymore. She asked why, and he responded, “Because an angel told me so.”
  • His real name was Prince
  • Born to two musical parents on June 7, 1958, Prince Rogers Nelson was named after his father’s jazz combo.
  • Prince wrote more songs than The Beatles, with a back catalogue that expands to over 600 tracks.
    Prince wrote some BIG HITS for artists, notably ‘Manic Monday’ by The Bangles and ‘I Feel for You’ by Chaka Khan. Then of course there was ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’, covered by Sinead O’Connor.
Dearly beloved

We are gathered here today
To get through this thing called life
Electric word life
It means forever and that’s a mighty long time
But I’m here to tell you
There’s something else
The after world
A world of never ending happiness
You can always see the sun, day or night
~Princeprince (1)

23 thoughts on “Prince”

  1. Thank you – Beautiful Tribute Sunny !
    Like everyone I have been listening interviews of Prince – one of favorite was an old one by Oprah. She made light talk & then asked Prince what he wanted people to know about him the most – he answered “The Music!”

  2. Christine Zarek

    Let’s Go Crazy, is my very favorite Prince song. I also saw his beautiful energy and how much he LOVED music. I’m hoping to see him very soon. I’m really getting tired of musicians suddenly transitioning. Kid Rock just went yesterday. God Speed

  3. Thanks Sunny ♡for sharing your special thoughts & such beautiful inspirational interesting lovely words & memories of Prince.
    He was an amazingly talented man & we were blessed he was here for the time he was.
    His music was some of my favorite & he was fantastic to watch sing. Will be missed here on earth but will forever be playing his music in our hearts ♡♡♡

  4. Goosebumps and tears….thank you Sunny for reminding us all to get out and LIVE now- not to wait for tomorrow, or next week, or till we have more money or or or……..
    Like you- Prince wasn’t my favorite artist-but I loved his music and respected his amazing talent…and was fortunate to see him several times over the years..what I didn’t realize was just how spiritual he was….until reading things like your blog above.
    Thank you RIP Prince

  5. Hi Sunny, I loved reading your blog. Thanks for sharing your feelings on Prince, because it’s on most of our minds in some way right now I feel. And now I get to share my feelings too, thank you for the opportunity, to write a blog now myself 🙂
    It seems Prince effected a lot of people…And we don’t get to see that fact sometimes until someone leaves the earth, such as in Princess Diana’s death, his departure is enveloping millions like hers did is what I’m seeing..
    “Saturday Night Live” even dedicated there whole show to him this week, wow, that’s powerful!! And I think the common thread on this is… that we are wise enough to see they were good people, and they both had special Spiritual qualities about them, and we humans recognize this.
    Sunny I’m interested in where you found the comment that he wasn’t going to have epilepsy anymore, I truly believe it, but never heard about that before. Liberace had a story like that as well, that an Angel told him he was going to be healthy now when he was very ill and almost died. I love hearing about Angels revealing themselves to people like that, I feel such love when I hear those things. And they must be special…I know that is not granted for everyone for sure.
    I like how you were honest that he wasn’t your favorite musician, he wasn’t mine either, but funny how his Spirit is enveloping most of us with his passing. I couldn’t stop singing exerts from “Purple Rain” and “When Doves Cry” for a couple of days,lol…I kind of think that was Spirit doing that for so many down here, putting his lyrics in our heads so that we know someone Spiritually special has passed. I think those that have open hearts to receive… are getting gifts of love sent to them with his lyrics right now. That’s what it felt like to me 🙂
    In reality I know he was just another musical artist that has passed now, just well known to us by the media…but his Spirituality is what is making everyone still talk about him now, so I think the Heaven’s are feeling very blessed to have him now. And like I said previously, they are sharing that will us humans here on earth. Sharing that we should take notice to his lyrics and what he said now, because he had very special Spiritual messages for all of us.
    I’m going off the subject a bit just for a minute to share something that means a lot to me, but has to do with Spirit and writing songs…
    I myself am a songwriter, (unpublished, but) I know that when you write a song it either comes from your experiences, or it is truly a gift from the heavens (whether it be from Angels or your Guardians) sent for you to share with others. And after you have written a song, it is so easy to tell the difference. I say that because I have a truly special song that called “Love Doesn’t Stop”…I was looking at my mother on the couch 20 years ago imagining her dying, and the song came to me and I wrote it in 3 minutes flat. And when I finished it, I knew I wasn’t the author of this song. I spent most of my life not believing in a God or Divine Love, because my dad dying from leukemia when I was 11 made me full of anger and hate.
    After now 2 years ago, almost 18 years after my mother’s death, I received a visitation from her…It was incredible!! My mind actually went into some state of shock of love afterwards…and erased most of my held in anger for many years clean from my mind!
    I started meditating out of the blue, and believed in God or Divine Love for the first time in my 48 years on this earth. Then I started getting to know a lot of Psychics in my personal life and reading about people like you and other psychics in the media for the first time. And it was so strange because my mother always warned me not to mess with psychics, that they were against God. But boy do I know now that is so not true for most of the psychics out here in the world. They are Spiritual teachers for all of us…
    Needless to say my life and my beliefs were completely change with my visitation from my mom and Spirit, I truly know I was blessed for that to happen to me. It’s been 2 years, so I keep asking for another visit,lol…Doesn’t hurt to ask right,lol…? I feel a bit greedy asking, but I want more of that euphoric feeling from the Heavens’…
    I had to share all that because it is how I recognize Spiritually induced things now when they happen, like Prince’s death. He wasn’t just another performer, he was a Spiritual messenger like many… And he still has messages for all of us to hear in some of his songs, which I plan to listen to now more, and I can’t wait for his catalog of songs to be released! We all need a little help here on earth getting by…And if we open our hearts and minds we can receive lots of beautiful messages to help us get by here (In This Thing Called Life)…

  6. Music, lyrics, and dancing have always been a way for me to feel and to express my emotions. He knew how to touch people’s hearts. He was bold and unafraid of being the person he wanted to be, and then became. The color purple also has a deep meaning for me. Loved seeing the equipment you had for listening to music, Sunny. A true flashback moment in time. He is a good example of helping others. He sure has had people connecting, as they recall sharing moments of time together. Placing my hand on my heart now to wish him peace. And so it is.

  7. Growing up just outside the Twin Cities, he was our local boy who made it big and stayed local. He could have gone to LA or NYC like others have, but he didn’t. He bought land and built himself a home in our midst. He was an amazing humanitarian and a jaw dropping talent. Eccentric, spiritual, sexual? Yes. We didn’t care. There was a sense of him being part of us. To some of us, we lost more than a talented artist; we lost a huge part of our community.

    1. It’s so beautiful to hear how he meant so much to the people that resided near him. And that everyone cared for him, I know he needed that love, as we all do.

  8. Love it Sunny and this was my exact sentiments after the initial shock. I too am a fan, and got to see him live about 10 years ago. One of the best concerts I had ever been to. I just love his larger-than-life attitude and his passion. We are now learning what a quiet humanitarian he was too. What he taught me is to live now and live it well…because you are not guaranteed a tomorrow.

  9. Goosebumps … what a wonderful tribute to Prince … and this thing called LIFE! Live. Love. Experience. Now. Cuz you’re right soul sister … there are no guarantees there will be … a tomorrow. 😉 <3

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