There is so much fear right now. Can you feel it?

A lot of people are struggling right now; struggling with the fear of the virus, the fear of getting infected, fear of losing someone close to them, the fear of contaminating others. But beyond the virus itself there is also the fear of isolation, the fear of loss of income or loss of a job, the inability to take care of your family, and the great fear of what the future now looks like. 

So how is this fear affecting us?

It is infiltrating our systems. The level of fear is so high right now it has become toxic to our way of thinking, our actions, our words, and our energy.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not negating that we have to be safe and take the necessary precautions, especially those of us with a weak immune system. Caution is SO IMPORTANT right now in dealing with conflicts in front of us.  But when precautions come from fear instead of self-care, it activates chaos which in turn spreads and grows. 

Through all of this, my  spirit has strongly guided me to say something to you as we are all facing circumstances that we’ve never faced in our lifetime. I feel called to speak on the tools we all possess to overcome the fear that’s weighing heavily within us and around us.

Physical Tools To Overcome Fear

The physical tools are the actions we do to support each other. These tools include:

  • Washing our hands
  • Refraining from going anywhere if you aren’t feeling well
  • Staying home or in safe distances from others
  • Taking supplements to maintain our immune system
  • Making sure we sleep and eat healthy
  • Meditating and praying
  • Taking time to exercise

Doing all these physical things will absolutely help us as we walk through our fear. It will help support us through these times, but there are things we need to do emotionally and energetically to keep our fear under control. When fear is out of control it becomes far more deadly than any virus. 

Emotional Tools To Overcome Fear 

There’s a lot of physical stressors in the world right now. People are feeling powerless and chaotic right now because of what is happening due to the virus.  With jobs closing down, schools closing and events being cancelled, the worry continues to rise. The stress is creating a hysteria that we continue to feed.

How are we feeding our fears?

We feed our fear by continuously talking about it, activating it, and reacting to it. When we spend hours scrolling through the social media feeds or rampage through the stores buying everything in sight we are giving power to our fear. Instead we need to respond from a place of love, a place of peace, and a place of responsibility for ourselves and our energy.

I want to share a couple of tools and tips to bring us together in order to change the vibration we are feeling right now. In addition to washing your hands and making sure we’re taking care of our health, we can use these three tools to balance our energy. 

  • Redirect The Energy
    The energy of fear lives inside of us and doesn’t go anywhere. So when fear appears, we tend to try to push it down and push it away but it just keeps popping up. It’s like trying to hold a beach ball underwater and as soon as you take your attention away from it, it pops up! Instead of pushing it down, ignoring it, or feeding it with more information, let’s acknowledge it.How to do that?Take a moment and let the fear come up. Do you know where you are feeling it? I tend to feel it either in my heart or in my gut, my power center. When I feel it in my gut it’s because I feel powerless. When I feel it in my heart it’s because I am feeling everyone else’s fear.You want to identify what it is so you know what the fear feels like and you can take ownership of that fear and acknowledge it by saying,
    “I have fear of the way we are managing this. I have fear of being infected. I fear being isolated for two weeks etc.” Whatever your fear is, say it here.
  • Address The Fear.
    How do you approach your fear?“Thank you for sharing. Thank you for making me aware that I’m carrying this in my body. Thank you for making me see that something is out of alignment with the truth of who I really am. I thank you for allowing me to see how much energy I’m putting into this that I’m not even aware of. Thank you for the awareness. Thank you body for telling me this fear is living inside of me.”That is how you address your fear.You shift it from living deep inside you and bring it up by recognizing that this is a belief you are having. This is a belief  that you are experiencing right now and it is happening and making you consciously aware that it is there.
  • Readjust Your Focus
    When you are in fear you are not recognizing that you are choosing that fear. We get so hyper focused on the fear itself that we forget that we have a choice in how we want to show up in it. If it doesn’t feel good to you it’s because it’s not good. When you succumb to fear for long periods of time, it is taking your power and you are giving your power to it.Instead replace it with affirmations that help you to move the energy, empower you, and help you to create more energy in this moment. Literally, flip it! Take your power back by telling it,“I’m not willing to give this fear anymore power. I am choosing to not go there. I am choosing to believe that I am healthy and strong and that I can manage the environment. I choose to believe that I can heal through this.  I choose to believe the sun is going to come up tomorrow. I have the ability to choose how to spend my money and I choose to be calm in this moment.” Whatever choices you can focus on to share here.

Don’t get me wrong, you can have fear. I myself have moments of fear in this unprecedented situation but the important thing is to not let it get in our lane for too long. We can’t let it take our power or energy. Moments like this is when we need to come together and connect and be the lighthouse for those who need a light in their dark times. We need to shine that light and be the lighthouse.

Join our Hearts Healing Humanity Facebook Group where you can be a Receiver, Giver, Donator, or Lighthouse. We are a community where people can express their love of each other in a number of ways.

Knowing that we are all in this together, I ask each and every one of you to BE A LIGHTHOUSE! Haven’t we lost enough already to fear?

Whatcha Feeling??
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9 thoughts on “Overcome the Fear”

  1. Thanks Sunny! I actually for the last few weeks have struggled with the fact I had a ‘new patient appointment ‘ with a new doctor’s office. I didn’t have anything medically wrong. It was just the thought of going in the midst of all of this and several times I thought about postponing it. I realize that would have allowed the fear to continue. On the day I was about to call, they called to confirm and share how they were doing things differently. It helped reduce the anxiety. Today, I went and had a great meeting with my doctor which helped negate the anxiety and aid me in shifting/release it. I also went for a walk outside afterward to move through it. Thanks for the tips in the newsletter.

  2. Thank you so much Sunny. This was very helpful to me today as I didn’t think I was feeling fear as being a caregiver I am on the front lines everyday. Lately my body has been trying to tell me slow down. I used to go to meetings, POMC, but due to everything that is going on, no meetings. Need a meeting..

  3. How timely your Angel Class was for me. I even came across CD’s I purchased from you at least a year ago and have finally taken the time to listen… and really listen: Last week I felt I was a lighthouse but this am I felt the light going dim. I felt afraid but after reading this how a and knowing you’re all there…Angels & All I’m ok.

  4. Thank you so much for this Sunny. There is a lot of fear out there. I also think there is a lot of disinformation out there,expanding the fear. Fortunately we have people, or souls like you, Dawn Clark, Robert Novak, and others bringing ways for us to bring a sense of stability to it all.
    Love and Blessings to all.

    Terry Breheny

  5. I’m saving this blog because it’s worth rereading. I’ve felt a tightness around my heart as the number of cases and deaths ramp up, so I’m careful to limit exposure to news except from WHO, CDC.

    I particularly felt the part about addressing the fear would be so healing. This is the time to be cautious as well as mindful. Thank you, Sunny, especially for creating HHH. Reaching out to others in need helps all of us recognize our connection as a community.

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