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I just competed facilitating a 4 day healing retreat in Sedona Arizona with 31 fantastic women and my team of 4. When we began our closing appreciation ceremony, the sky was a bit cloudy, but the sun was still shining brightly. Our hearts were open and our minds were clear. It was a sacred two hours for all 36 of us.
Somewhere in the middle of the ceremony someone looked up and saw this beautiful perfect heart in the sky. It was,  for all of us, an absolute validation of what we were feeling in our hearts..
Pure Love.. for people that were strangers 3 days earlier. A bond that can only be described as spirit guided.
What sign has spirited shown you recently that you re on the right track.. or that has validated your thoughts and feelings. This was certainly a fabulous validation for everyone… DO the heart work, and the sky open for you.
~Sunny Dawn Johnston
Please share below the signs you have received recently.

4 thoughts on “Open your heart”

  1. Going through my day and people bring me the opportunity to help them with energy work or oils with no solicitation on my part. I know I’m on the right track and I am there to help them. Keep my heart open and the love flows out.

  2. Oh wow… Such a beautiful heart filled validation. I just love hearing these affirmations.
    My sign is simply the validation of connecting with you and your team. The Positivity, the Support and the love felt coming from you gals is just so wonderful. It’s like stepping out of a busy, hetic, judgemental, world of ego and greed into a world of calm, peace, acceptance, love and support and GROWTH. You’re all about promoting healing, learning and self love. It’s one thing to see it in Sunny but when you see it in ALL the team members you just know it’s REAL and it is practiced. And you guys put in sooooo many hours. I know at times it must be tiring but it doesn’t stop you. I have felt the embrace and am grateful for the healing it is bringing me.
    Thank you for being our light of hope and love.

  3. Linda Lee Nelson

    I also have found hearts in clouds, in trees, in rocks, in raindrops on the sidewalk, and have taken photos of them over the years. Thanks for sharing the one you found, as I do believe it is a wonderful sign that brings great joy when seeing it. Great affirmation that Spirit is everywhere with us. Thanks for the Heartfelt moment!

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