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New Year, New You? Join me for a FREE 5 DAY Body Challenge!!

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New Year, New You? How About A REVIVAL Instead?

That time of year is almost here. In a week or so, the world will be joining a gym, starting a diet, and setting mind-boggling self-improvement goals.
“This year I’m gonna lose 30 pounds and get in shape.” Or maybe something like, “This is the year I’m going to fit into those old jeans.”
Pretty soon we’ll be bombarded with advertisements to join everything from Gold’s Gym to Jenny Craig. And all those New Year’s Resolutions? The same old, same old plans to make this year THE year that you finally get the body you’ve always wanted?
Kind of exhausting, isn’t it?
If you’re anything most people, you might’ve made a promise or two like that about 364 days ago. Are you where you want to be now?
If you said, “NO,” you’re in GOOD company. No shame there.
Maybe it’s time for real change. Not just the usual New Year’s weight loss fitness and weight loss “rah-rah.” Those promises that you make to yourself that fall by the wayside before Super Bowl Sunday? Yep, we’ve all made them before. And broken them.
I know that you want more for yourself this year.
Instead of just another diet or another gym membership, how about something different this year? Instead of forcing your body to change, why don’t you REVIVE it instead?
Let me introduce Body Revival.  The FREE 5 Day Body Challenge – Click HERE for all the details!
Body Revival is not your average “get your body back” or “shape up for the New Year” program.
It’s a movement.
Body Revival isn’t about getting the scale to spit out the number you think will validate your existence. It’s not about squeezing into the pants size that’ll solve your inner pain, either.
I’m not going to tell you what to eat, nor am I going to teach you the most badass fitness routine. (Honestly, I’ve never been a gym rat, so you probably don’t want me planning your workouts!)
Body Revival is about more than changing your outer image. It’s about taking your power back. Pulling in your Soul and bringing you back to yourself. Retrieving your energy from the people, choices, and experiences that might’ve drawn it away from you.
We’re talking about getting your inner being back. Making sure that the beliefs, thoughts, and bullshit you might’ve gathered over the years relinquishes its power over you. It’s about taking your power back from a conscious and present place.
A beautiful and healthy body is not just about what you eat or how you work out. It’s about loving your body as if it were your best friend. It’s about committing to your own self-love and meaning it this time.
It’s not just about your body, either. You need to align your body, your mind, AND your spirit. Do this with love and your whole life can change. And in a way that actually LASTS.
THAT is what I mean by “Body Revival.”
The FREE 5 Day Body Challenge – Click HERE for all the details!
This Body Revival journey … I’ve lived it. I didn’t go to school to learn about it. It didn’t just read about it in a book and then share it. It’s a journey I’ve walked personally, and it’s been going on for over 30 years now.
And let me tell you, it hasn’t always been pretty. In fact, it’s been a battle.
Trust me. I get it. I’ve had disease. I’ve healed disease. I’ve had weight issues, and I’ve healed them, too. I’ve been through the eating disorders, the body shame, the bullshit stories and the ugliness. I could recall that pain in a heartbeat if I had to.
But you know what I feel now when I communicate with my body? Gratitude.
Now I feel such gratitude for this amazing body. I have so much appreciation for the journey that I’ve taken, no matter how scathing it has been. I’ve learned, grown, and expanded. And now I have the privilege of sharing that journey with you.
I’m not gonna lie. Some of this 5 day challenge will stretch you way beyond your comfort zone. It might make you feel uncomfortable. There might even be considerable pain. But I can promise you one thing: releasing the pain that is keeping you stuck hurts a lot less than holding onto it, in the long run.
Are you ready to go on the journey with me from wherever you are right now to genuine, loving, full appreciation of your body? Because believe it or not, my friend, your body is the perfect vehicle for your Spirit in this lifetime. That’s why you chose it. And your body can be your best friend … if you’re willing to be a best friend back.
The FREE 5 Day Body Challenge – Click HERE for all the details!
Once you re-engage your body with your mind and spirit, miracles start happening. When you treat your body with love, kindness, and appreciation, it’ll respond in ways that will blow your mind. That I can personally attest to.
Now, I’m not a doctor. I am not a nutritionist or a physical therapist. I’m not a personal trainer, nor do I have a college degree. I’m not here to give you scientifically proven information. If that’s what you’re looking for, there are plenty of options out there.
But what I AM here to offer you is true, honest-to-God LIFE experience. Twenty years of working with other people. Thirty plus years of slogging through my own body issues, body shaming, bouts with disease, and weight issues. Not to mention finding body acceptance, body joy, and body love in the process.
So, if you’re interested in hearing a new spin on an old topic, the 5 day Body Revival challenge is for you. If you’re ready to have massive expansions in your awareness, your insight, and your mindset, stay with me. If you’re prepared to make new choices, commit to your own self-care, and finally start LOVING the skin that you’re in, then your timing is perfect.
Throw out the scale. Ditch the diet. And get ready for real, loving, LASTING change.
Are you ready?
Register here to get all of the details and worksheets. Feel free to share with your friends and loved ones.. Challenge them too:)  Click HERE for all the details!

Join me every morning for the 5 day challenge LIVE on FACEBOOK for our five day Body Revival Challenge right here:


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