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My son… my baby… Arizona Blue….. TODAY we celebrate 18 years of LIFE!!!!!

Today, August 27, 2015 my son turns 18. It occurs to me that I am now the mother of two adult sons. WOW! How did that happen… it seems like just yesterday? Where did the time go? How will he do out there on his own? Does he have enough tools? Yes, all those things we all think and say when our kids grow up, move out and become adults… And as those thoughts popped in my head, the answers came just as quickly..
How did that happen… it seems like just yesterday? “It” happened with lots of love, laughs, fun, communication and joy. “It” also happened with some sadness, tears and expansion. Every bit of “it” was worth experiencing. EVERY single bit of it.
Where did the time go? The time didn’t go anywhere. It was experienced minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. One gift I have received with age is presence. I never wished a “stage” away. I enjoyed them all. Each and every moment. What more can you ask for?
How will he do out there on his own? He will do exactly what he needs to do. He will experience life in his own unique way. He has the tools, the love, the support, the wisdom, the guidance, the spirit, the spunk and the resources to “do” and “be” whatever his spirit guides him to. The fun part will be to witness his creative journey.
Does he have enough tools? No, you can’t give him all the tools.. and you don;t need to. He is quite capable of gathering the tools he needs to live the life of his wildest dreams.
And with that, I hear spirit… very clearly, in my right ear: “TRUST his SPIRIT and watch him SOAR!!!”
You got it Arizona Blue. I am listening. Soar kiddo! – Love you Infinity and Beyond – Your Momma
PS: And, take some pics and send them to your momma once in a while. She loves that 🙂
PSS: This is one proud woman today! Of all the things I have witnessed in my life, been a part of and experienced… the best thing in life has been being a MOM. I don’t take credit for the amazing men they have become… they truly have become who they are because of their choices, their wisdom and their journeys. I am just so blessed that they both chose me to “hold the space” for them until they were ready. They have been ready for a long time. I’m always playing catch up to these two teachers in my life 🙂 – SDJ
Please enjoy a peek into our life and the past 18 years with Arizona Blue. What a time it has been! If you’d like to wish him a Happy Birthday, please share in the comments below.

14 thoughts on “My son… my baby… Arizona Blue….. TODAY we celebrate 18 years of LIFE!!!!!”

  1. First… Happy belated day to Arizona….and congratulations to “Mom and Dad… Second I want to say Thank You….for sharing your thoughts, feelings and family life. That was one of the most beautiful and touching post…I love the feel of the words and emotions AND.. the beauty of your trusting him enough to “let him go”….

  2. Happly Birthday Arizona! I hope this year brings you much laughter, love, fun and many great friendships. Enjoy your first year in college!

  3. Sunny, thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures ?? I see & feel all the emotions you are going thru. I have been there & you helped me many times? to get thru them ☺
    Happy birthday Arizona ?

  4. No doubt you will have an amazing life such an amazing mom who has guided you. Look forward to hear about your next adventures that resonate with you!!

  5. Happy Birthday Arizona Blue!!! I wish you an abundance of Love, Good Health, Prosperity, Friendships and, of course, God’s Blessings!!!

  6. Beautiful Birthday Blessings to you Arizona Blue! Such heartfelt pics! Feeling the LOVE in ea and every one! thank you so much Sunny Dawn Johnston!

  7. May you roar as you row down the river of life, Arizona. Enjoy the blue waters as refreshing as you are to your Mom, Dad, brother, family, and friends. Make your wish and may all your dreams come true, Blue!

  8. Happy birthday to Arizona!!!!! And Many many many more.. thank you for sharing your love and your son with us!!

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