My most popular blogs/articles of 2016 - Sunny Dawn Johnston

My most popular blogs/articles of 2016

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Hey there my friend!
Can you believe 2016 is almost over? It seems like we just celebrated the New Year… and now here we are again. At least it seems that way for me:)
So, with the turning of the calendar and the changing of the year, I thought I’d take a look back at some of my most popular blogs in 2016. Ya, its kinda the lazy blog of the year too… but hey…  you may have missed one or two:)
Next year I will be amping up my articles/blogs, adding more video blogs… and sharing even more tips on how to find and MAINTAIN.. the Harmony in a Mind, Body, Spirit kind of lifestyle:) So my friend.. Stay tuned.. I look forward to connecting with you even more in 2017:) Until next year –
Create Peace, Love & Light! – Sunny Dawn Johnston (AKA) SDJ♥
PS: If you want to wrap up this year… and bring in lots of great energy for the new year, join me for my Manifest Your Heart’s Desires in 2017… 5 Steps to Create the Life you DESERVE Teleclass LIVE on 12/27 at 6 pm MST Register here, it’s free:

My life changed with this simple message

Twenty-five plus years ago I was trying to sleep… More like crying myself to sleep as I did many nights. I had just got off the phone with my boyfriend who told me very strongly that although he’d promised to come home that night.. Easter Eve… he wouldn’t be coming home. He was partying. Drinking. Playing music. It was 2 am and I was pissed. I couldn’t believe it and I certainly couldn’t sleep.
I sat in the dark crying while my 1 year old son slept on the floor beside me. I didn’t want to wake him up. It was his first Easter the next day and I’d hoped for a family day. That wasn’t going to happen now and my heart was broken. My head started the crazy cycle it always did…

  • What’s wrong with me?
  • Why doesn’t he love me enough to come home?
  • Why does he always ruin everything?
  • Why can’t he just be a normal guy?

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I was slipped a date rape drug

“I can’t see?? Where am I?” I asked.
My eyes felt like they weighed 10 pounds each and I could not get them open. My head… OMG my head hurt like hell. “What happened? Where am I?” I repeated. I tried to open my eyes, but couldn’t. Everything hurt. The light was so bright and my head hurt so bad… I could faintly see shadows standing all around me, seven people in dark shirts. I could hear voices, but couldn’t really tell what they were saying. Then I heard a familiar voice… my husband “Sunny, open your eyes, you are home, you are ok.” I tried to open my eyes again, but they just wouldn’t open. I panicked and started crying… I felt my husband take my left hand, which brought me comfort, and he said again, “Sunny open your eyes”. It took everything I had to open my eyes, but I did. Everything looked fuzzy, and the room was spinning and blue shirted men were all around me. I was scared. I heard another man’s voice say “Sunny, can you hear me?” You’ve been hurt, but you are going to be ok. Ya, I hurt alright, I thought to myself. I wondered what happened, but I literally just couldn’t stay present. I went in and out of consciousness. The questions … and answers… would have to wait. I was out.
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How to use Affirmations to raise your Vibration

Affirmations raise your Vibration
People often ask me what I do to keep my vibration high and my energy focused. There are many parts to my spiritual practice, but one of the most simple, effective and life changing, is the use of affirmations!  At 19 years old I was faced with the consequences of unhealthy choices that were manifesting in self doubt, weight issues, lack of self esteem , poverty, self hatred and severe physical illness. I literally nearly did from my negative fear based mind set. Affirmations were the one SIMPLE step I could take to begin to turn my life around…and it worked! All of us have moments, from time to time, where we can use a little vibrational shift– and one of the best things YOU can do is AFFIRMATIONS. Not just say them.. but FEEL THEM!
An affirmation is simply a declaration that something is true.
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Message time! Pick a card from my basket:)

Message time! Pick a card out of my basket:)
Pick a card between 1 – 5 and comment below with which card you pick. Check back here in a few hours, and I will post the 5 cards that have been chosen for you… and you will have your message for the day.  If you have a specific question, state that in the comments below too, to set the intention. Have fun and enjoy YOUR message of the day!
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2 thoughts on “My most popular blogs/articles of 2016”

  1. Thank you for wonderful messages and stories shared with all of us, Sunny. We all experienced some very similar situations, and a good way to review life lessons and move to a higher vibration using your special tips to get there.
    Looking forward to 2017 and how we can all make it a wonderful year and resonate love and peace and joy into the world. Sending you love, dearest Sunny, for you are a brave and caring soul to share so much with us all.

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