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21 Days of Messages from Spirit

Releasing 2020 and Embracing 2021

It’s that special time of year and this year, like everything else in 2020, we are changing things up. This Holiday season, join me for my new FREE daily workshop JUMPSTART 2021 – 21 Days of Messages from Spirit. 2020 has been tough, right? Not in every area of life maybe, but for sure we have all experienced change, loss, and grief – in one way or another. Sickness and illness, political and social unrest, and disconnection from Self (higher) and Spirit have been a big part of the focus …

And now I think it is time to come together … to get into alignment … to regain our strength and support … and invoke the energy and intention that we desire. How about you?

The energy has been dense, especially for those of us that are empaths or sensitive.

We need to move forward with love in our heart and our attention on our intentions.

So, as I was sitting with how I wanted to kick off the new year with my SDJ family, I was guided to not wait till the new year. “Support is needed now”, I heard. “Love is needed immediately”, Spirit said. “Joy cannot wait another second”, I felt. “Connection is the answer”, I saw … as Spirit showed me hands … holding hands … together!

HOLDING HANDS – We are meant to come together, now!!!

Because of that vision, I came to the conclusion that we need to release 2020 and move into 2021 TOGETHER.

So, take my hand my friend, and let’s do it together. With our Angel’s and Guide’s support and guidance, there isn’t anything we can’t move through, no matter how hard it is. 2021 will have its own challenges and gifts, just as 2020 did.

I know it’s been lonely and isolating for you in some ways AND it has been heartbreaking and painful AND it has been a welcome change of pace.

It isn’t this OR that … it is a this AND that world.

We can experience all of these things, all at once. We have all felt lots of feelings over the past year and are discovering new parts of ourselves; some we like, some we don’t. Let’s put to rest the parts we don’t like with compassion and love … and let’s discover the parts we do like with curiosity and connection.

We can do that together, because truly, WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!

So here are the deets:

Beginning on the NEW MOON on December 14th, you will receive your Daily Message from Spirit via email … Then, later that day (times will vary throughout the days) join me LIVE on my Special Edition of Off the Cuff as I focus on the Message from Spirit for that day.

I’ll be discussing the topic and taking LIVE questions from the audience. This will be your opportunity to lift yourself up and/or be lifted up with the loving support of Spirit, as expressed through me.

This is a 21-day experience, Together. There will be a Facebook group to share your awareness and insights in as well. I’ll be doing LIVE pop-ins at various times and on various days to really help you seal in the Message from Spirit.

This year, let’s gather together, from all over the globe, and hold hands in LOVE, LIGHT, PEACE, HEALING, WELLNESS, JOY and HUMANITY! If you feel the call for connection and community, join me now. I’ll see you on December 14th for JUMPSTART 2021 – 21 Days of Messages from Spirit.

I’ll kick it off LIVE on December 14 on my Off the Cuff podcast at 1:11pm Pacific time (2:11pm Arizona/MT, 3:11pm CT, 4:11pm ET, etc.)

Until then, spread the word, invite your friends and let’s release 2020 with love and bring in 2021 with connection!

Love & Light, Sunny Dawn Johnston

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