Message time! Pick a card from my basket:) - Sunny Dawn Johnston

Message time! Pick a card from my basket:)

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Message time! Pick a card out of my basket:)
Pick a card between 1 – 4 and comment below with which card you pick. Check back here in a few hours, and I will post the 4 cards that have been chosen for you… and you will have your message for the day.  If you have a specific question, state that in the comments below too, to set the intention. Have fun and enjoy YOUR message of the day!

Again, note the card you choose in the comments – SDJ

Here are the cards that were chosen for you:) In order, 1-4. Please share how it fits for you – SDJ♥  PS: If you enjoyed this sign up to receive my emails and free goodies here

Card #1

Card #2 side 1

Card #2 side 2

Card #3

Card #4

PS:  I’d love to hear in the comments below how this card fit for you?Please share below..

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239 thoughts on “Message time! Pick a card from my basket:)”

    1. Oh yes!! I choose card 4 which turns out to be assertiveness. I read it as “authentic” which is what my mission is to be. More & more showing up as “just me” which takes more assertiveness than one might imagine because I’m really good at showing up “just fine” whether I am or not… Trusting the space to allow my authentic self to show up in its messy, beautiful, true self state whatever form that may be!!

  1. vicki martinelli

    #1 -Intention….I’m really focused on following thru these days and I’m doing an awesome job! #3 Appreciation-I learned to speak my truth when I didn’t feel things were correct and I have an appreciation for myself because it’s been a huge step to take for me.

    1. I had this wonderful day starting with a very special message in my morning’s meditation. I just wrote it down and put it in my gratitude bowl and that was before I saw card #3, Appreciation! Thank you!

  2. Card #4- Assertiveness. I am working on this now at work where I have to be a leader- which is difficult for me. Always have been in the background

  3. Perfect card, and love the beautiful angel illustration for card number 4, Sunny. Smiling and feel this was why I was guided to pick number 4! Now I will click my heels and move along on my yellow brick road to happiness, for the card’s message really is saying that I had the power all along! Thank you, Sunny!

    1. Danielle McQueen

      WOW! This card currently suits me TO A TEE. I’m in the early stages of recovery for substance abuse and my disease made me an imposter to who I really am. My higher power has helped me to see the higher truth, and my body and mind are healing and I feel so free. Thank you!! Blessed be.

    1. #4 Hahaha, I am known for being assertive but have tried to temper myself somewhat yet again. That never seems to work for me. I am beyond loving and giving, to a fault even, and if I am not assertive I just get walked all over. Good old Crystal she will always be there so I don’t have to step up and be nice, ever ask if she is OK/needs anything, or contact her unless I want something. I am done being last on everyone else’s list. I have shaken some foundations this week, pruned some dead wood, and I will continue to do so until I receive some common decency and respect. I have zero problems , being alone and would rather be alone than used. There is huge difference between charity and relationships. In charity you give because it is the right thing to do, expect nothing in return, and I adore that feeling. However I feel relationships denote a two way street, never equal, but give and take. Somehow I always seem to be the one giving and everyone else taking. I am sure this is on me and some sort of character flaw with me because I am the common denominator. If anyone has insight for me I am all ears.

    1. I received the following cards, Intention, Wellness, Appreciation, Assertiveness…..I guess I’m not sure what this all means? I was hoping the Intention and Appreciation cards would have more of an explanation. Do these cards read my “life” as a whole right now in general or a particular situation that is going on? I am kind of lost in my reading…except for the Assertiveness card which I continue to work on with my husband. I find it very hard to be assertive to him, but can be assertive to others. Does this reading have to do with my relationship with my husband?

    1. Appreciate what I have and wait for my next answer. I am exactly where I am supposed to be and when G-d is ready change will come.

  4. Card 4 is what my intuition nudged me to ask for, so I may follow the guidance given which will be just what I need at this time for my highest good.

    1. Card number four is Assertiveness, and now I know why I was nudged to pick it! To stand up and do what I want, when I want to, and not to be bullied.
      Thank you so much, Sunny.

  5. I have two that can’t clear my mind towards just one. The numbers 1, and 3 are coming to me in that order, And my ?’s also the same, the car I want, will I get it ? and then healthy life partner. Mind won’t let me focus on just one, so I’m assuming Angels are leading these questions, and numbers.

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