Message time! Pick a card from my basket:) - Sunny Dawn Johnston

Message time! Pick a card from my basket:)

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Message time! Pick a card out of my basket:)
Pick a card between 1 – 4 and comment below with which card number you pick. In a few hours, I will post the cards that have been chosen… and you will have your message for the day. If you have a specific question, state that in the comments below too, to set the intention. Have fun and Yes, Please feel free to share:)
Again, note the card number you choose in the comments โ€“ SDJ
Ok, so a little funky.. cant get my system to work.. but the cards that were chosen are…. Please let me know if it fit for you:) – SDJย 
#1 – Positive Expectations
#2 – Forgiveness
#3 – Letting go of being right
#4 – Open your heart
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62 thoughts on “Message time! Pick a card from my basket:)”

  1. Jenna Palmisano

    #3 and I am setting an intention to be motivated. Fill my day with action, purpose and doing! Being energy and motivation for my goals…lately I have taken a step back and become for lack of a better word lazy.

  2. The four cards you picked are answers “four” me and family. Thank you, Sunny, for all you are and all you do for us!

  3. I pick 4 – have concerns re husband’s health. Thanks for doing this. You are a very generous and thoughtful soul.Bless you

  4. 4 please.. today found out from stress test blood not going into heart somewhere.. was suppose to have hysterectomy next Wednesday… so not sure if will be doing that.. have to meet with cardiologist tomorrow.. then today a lady that accused me of something last year is bringing it up again after a year.. im not real strong at the moment..

  5. Hi Sunny – at first I was drawn to #4 – but then as I was ready to write my comment, #3 shouted Out Real Loud! to me – so I am not sure which one I should go with – conflicted and confused… maybe suppose to be???

  6. 4 is the number that spoke to me just now, Sunny. I believe there is a reason for that number, which includes family here and family “there.” Looking forward to how this “plays” out, “four” doing my best! Grin.

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