Message time! Cards have been drawn and are at the bottom of the blog.  - Sunny Dawn Johnston

Message time! Cards have been drawn and are at the bottom of the blog. 

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Message time! Pick a card out of my basket:)
Pick a card between 1 – 4 and comment below with which card number you pick. In a few hours, I will post the cards that have been chosen… and you will have your message for the day. If you have a specific question, state that in the comments below too, to set the intention. Have fun and Yes, Please feel free to share:)
Again, note the card number you choose in the comments – SDJ
  Here are the cards or pulled for you. 

how did your card fit for you? I’d love to hear… please share in the comments below 
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120 thoughts on “Message time! Cards have been drawn and are at the bottom of the blog. ”

  1. I need to know how to get rid of my fears and get out of my marriage. But I really can’t figure out why I just can’t walk out that door.

  2. Sunny let me just give a huge thank you to you. Your words of inspiration, kindness, light, love and sharing your true emotion are priceless!!
    Everyday I read your blog, you make me laugh, cry, smile, inspire, and be in the present moment. I’m truly grateful for you and your sweet spirit and light!♥♥
    I picked card #1. With the intention of communicating better with a past love one. On the evening of the 15th, I dreamed of my loved one and what a conversation we had! It was wonderful. My lesson….to use my heart more instead of my head and to verbalize also from within my heart. Thank you Sunny!


    Sunny-I chose 1 and it is the Wolf. My intelligence kicked in with dealing with the ICU and making decisions with ease and grace. I have a strong instinct. I was proud of myself as I didn’t feel threatened when the other woman appeared. Now I have removed myself from the situation as I’m taking care of myself, Artis is in rehab. I feel a lack of communication because I haven’t been able to talk with Artis about this situation because due to his condition I made him a priority. I have surrendered to the Universe and someday I know I will receive the answer I’m seeking but until then my journey continues.

  4. #3…I am about to make a huge career change (within the next week) it involves going back to school and paying for it as I go. Do u think this is a right decision for me?

  5. 4 please Sunny – Will a new job be presented to me soon? I’ve been searching. Was offered a position however I would have had to move and I just bought a townhome four months ago and I don’t want to move. Thanks for helping!!

  6. Sunny, I choose card No. 3. I’m wondering what everyone means when they say we are evolving, or finding our purpose or once your job is done(all the phrases), are they talking about “death” or passing to the other side? Or, are they talking about living a peaceful life?

  7. 1 please & need to know about this other woman of 30 years that appeared in Artis’s life and at ICU???
    Hugs & Love xxxooo

  8. Kathleen Dunkerley

    I deeply appreciated your comments concerning the lion and your son’s friend.
    Does any message enter your mind from the word baby?

  9. 2. i have found something wonderful and my desire is for others that I share it with to be open to making a positive transformation too.

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