Message time! Pick a card from my basket... just in time for Christmas:) - Sunny Dawn Johnston

Message time! Pick a card from my basket… just in time for Christmas:)

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It’s Message time! Pick a card out of my basket:)
Pick a card between 1 – 5 and comment below with which card you pick. Check back here in a few hours, and I will post the 5 cards that have been chosen for you… and you will have your message for the day.  If you have a specific question, state that in the comments below too, to set the intention. Have fun and enjoy YOUR message of the day!

PS: Feel free to share as well..
~ SDJ♥
Again, note the card you choose in the comments and CHECK BACK ON THIS BLOG POST for the update on the cards that were chosen:) – SDJ

Ok friends – Here are the cards that were drawn for you today. I’d love to hear how it fits for you:) Let me know!! Happy Holidays – SDJ♥

Card #1

Card #2

Card #3 Michael is here providing protection, direction, self esteem, motivation, courage, commitment, faith, energy, vitality, life’s purpose and releasing fear.

Card #4

Card #5 – As long as we are on this small planet together, we need human gentleness, human affection.

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100 thoughts on “Message time! Pick a card from my basket… just in time for Christmas:)”

  1. #2 Which is true for me… I still have a touch of negative feelings to release before the New Year. I know what this card means to me. Thank you! I do so appreciate the wisdom of the cards you draw.

  2. I did not make it early enough to pick a card…but before I looked at the cards picked, I have been seeing the #3 all over in numbers, so I picked #3….it so fits my situation right now….perfect!!!! have a Blessed Christmas and thank you….I needed this today!

  3. Cards #1 & 5, with the intention it will give me specific direction about a protection order I need and am filing for today and confirmation that I will get it!

  4. # 3 please. Thinking about things to focus on in the New Year to help me grow and evolve in my spiritual journey. Thanks!

  5. I Choose Card Number 3. My intention for today is to send Archangel Michael to be with my son as he travels home for a Christmas Holiday. Be with him all the way, Michael, and keep others on the highways safe around him as well.

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