Message time! Pick a card from my basket:) - Sunny Dawn Johnston

Message time! Pick a card from my basket:)

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Message time! Pick a card out of my basket:)
Pick a card between 1 – 5 and comment below with which card you pick. Check back here in a few hours, and I will post the 5 cards that have been chosen for you… and you will have your message for the day.  If you have a specific question, state that in the comments below too, to set the intention. Have fun and enjoy YOUR message of the day!

Again, note the card you choose in the comments and CHECK BACK ON THIS BLOG POST for the update on the cards that were chosen:) – SDJ

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81 thoughts on “Message time! Pick a card from my basket:)”

  1. # 2. my female friend Synawata I am injoying being with I like very much. She is spiritual,fun,smart,honest,and has a wall up around her towards people.She seeing me and I am wondering that she likes me to be around it’s seems like it, but can it get better as it goes on? What do you think of her? thank you (:

  2. 3. I am concerned about lung cancer recurrence since completing surgery, chemotherapy and radiation at the end of September 2016.

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