Manifest your soulmate… I did :)

Did you know I manifested my husband 23 years ago after taking a 10 month break from dating? I had been in a  very unhealthy relationship with my sons birth father, finally got out of it… screwed around for little bit (including a minor rebound engagement in there). Then, I got serious. I created my list.. stopped dating and 10 months later, my husband showed up in a most unusual place and way (story for another time). If you want to attract the love of your life, try my 9 steps to manifesting your soulmate below… It works!!!!!!! – SDJ

9 Easy Steps to Manifest your Soulmate with the help of the Angels

1~ DECIDE: Make a Decision that you are Ready to Attract the Soulmate of Your Dreams … See it, Feel it, Hear it and Know it… NOW!
2~ INVOKE: Ask Archangel Chamuel (the angel of unconditional love, adoration and relationships) to help you attract the perfect soulmate relationship to you, now! (Feel free to use this invocation or one that is close to your heart).
I invoke the unconditional love and light of Arch­angel Chamuel. Please heal any and all emotional wounds or pain that hold me back from truly loving myself and /or allowing the love of my soulmate in. Archangel Chamuel, please help me to open my heart to the perfect partner and relationship for me. Allow me to see myself through your angelic vibration and feel love as I release any and all resentments, fears, and pain associated with the past. I ask to experience forgiveness, self-acceptance, and unconditional love. Thank you for helping me attract a positive, kind and unconditionally loving soulmate into my life . . . and so it is!

* Handwrite your Intention, Desired Qualities and Feelings in the Spaces Below

3~ WRITE: Your intention, “The perfect soulmate relationship is coming to me and these are the qualities of it”:

4~ LIST: (List 30 – 40 qualities you desire in your soulmate
5~ DESCRIBE: How want to FEEL in the experience.
 (How you want to feel specifically … only feelings.)
(Example: I want to feel like I am appreciated; I want to feel like excited; I want to feel like I am respected; I want to feel that I can communicate safely; I want to feel attracted and attractive)
6~ COPY: Make 5 copies of this list
Place the copies in the five following places:
1 in between the mattress of your bed,
1 in purse/wallet,
1 in glove box of car,
1 in office or where you spend most time,
1 in your sacred space.
7~ READ: At least twice a day, morning and night, read steps 2, 3 and 4…  Invoking the angels, state your intention and  read your list of qualities.
8~ FEEL: Once a day – (minimum) – go to step 5 and this time FEEL the list … in this moment.
Example: Go to a time when you remember experiencing that feeling in your life. Bring the memory up, take a deep breath, and breathe in the energy of that experience. Then go to the next one, feeling each and every experience on your list. (It doesn’t matter if the last time you felt appreciated for example, was when you were 6 … what you want to do is bring in the energy of that feeling, to be able to then attract it to yourself now).
9~ REPEAT: Repeat daily for 30 days and watch your life shift as you attract your amazing soul mate to you!
This process works.. try it out, let me know how it works for you. I love to hear the stories:) They are always fantastic proof that when you set the intention and line up with the energy, love comes.
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Blessings of love my friend:)

2 thoughts on “Manifest your soulmate… I did :)”

  1. You are such a helpful and inspiration woman of experience, Sunny. Thank you. Good relationships can happen. And, ones I thought would be forever probably weren’t meant to be due to not realizing the wrong steps taken. I’ll be patient and open my heart, mind, and spirit. I will also remember to love myself, and honor my feelings, too. Congrats that all worked out so well, and that you and Brett found each other, Sunny.

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