‘Love Never Dies': Finding Peace When You’ve Lost Someone to Addiction - Sunny Dawn Johnston

‘Love Never Dies': Finding Peace When You’ve Lost Someone to Addiction

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I was invited to write an article for Addiction.com. I was so honored and excited to be able to share my experience, from a medium’s perspective. Please check out the article below and share if you enjoy it:)  – SDJ
Addiction and death are two of the most difficult and challenging human experiences there are. Yet, when the end does finally come, the death of a child, partner, parent or friend as a result of addiction can feel like the inevitable final chapter of a very long, very sad book: so much still left unwritten, unsaid and unheard that it haunts your sleep and steals your joy.
But what if that wasn’t the end of the story? What if you could tap into the energy of your loved one in spirit and connect with their soul? What if you had the opportunity to find peace in what the person you lost went through and truly forgive them for their choices? What if you could “hear” from them that they forgave you, too, and that they were at peace now, finally? Would you choose to?

What Is a Medium?

Researchers are divided on the usefulness of psychic readings. For instance, a 2014 study suggests that after-death communication with a loved one who’s passed may Read more at Addiction.com

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