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‘Love Never Dies': Finding Peace When You’ve Lost Someone to Addiction

A couple of years ago, I was invited to write an article for I was so honored to be able to share my experience, from a medium’s perspective. Please check out the article below and share if you enjoy it:) – SDJ♥
Addiction and death are two of the most difficult and challenging human experiences there are. Yet, when the end does finally come, the death of a child, partner, parent or friend as a result of addiction can feel like the inevitable final chapter of a very long, very sad book: so much still left unwritten, unsaid and unheard that it haunts your sleep and steals your joy.
But what if that wasn’t the end of the story? What if you could tap into the energy of your loved one in spirit and connect with their soul? What if you had the opportunity to find peace in what the person you lost went through and truly forgive them for their choices? What if you could “hear” from them that they forgave you, too, and that they were at peace now, finally? Would you choose to?

healthy-ways-to-work-with-a-medium-01What Is a Medium?

Researchers are divided on the usefulness of psychic readings. For instance, a 2014 study suggests that after-death communication with a loved one who’s passed may help the bereaved move on and heal. But other anecdotal research shows that some people can also become dependent to clairvoyance readings as a way to try to find relief or peace from devastating grief.
Through my work and that of others, I know that mediums can help people to understand the messages their mind doesn’t know how to interpret or that their consciousness can’t allow in. Ultimately, though, a medium can help support awareness, healing and closure for all involved, including people who have died. This healing comes through the energy of love.
Seeing a medium might help you find some peace by enabling you to connect to the foundation of your relationship with your loved one, which is, of course, your love. Sometimes the love you expressed may not have been healthy; perhaps you invested endless time, energy and money into the person struggling with addiction. So much so that you have nothing left for yourself now that they’re gone: no life force energy, no will, no love. Therefore, you may feel an even greater sense of loss, separation and finality when they’ve passed. The key is to find the love again, including the love for yourself and for those that are in spirit. The truth is, the love never ends — it just needs to be rediscovered.

Speaking Spiritually to Your Loved One

'Love Never Dies': Finding Peace When You've Lost Someone to AddictionWhen a medium connects with a loved one in spirit, the message is, generally speaking, all about love. When I do readings I hear that the loved ones who have passed realize not only the pain they caused their family and friends while in their addiction, but also the pain their loved ones are dealing with now that they are dead. The guilt, shame and unbelievable hurt you feel now is something they are able to see and feel now, too. The person who has died is not “stuck” in it, however; but the more stuck we are here, the more they feel it there.
In my experience, those in spirit are extremely apologetic and want nothing more than to share their love with those they’ve left behind. They have a full 360-degree view of every action or inaction from their physical lives. They see clearly now that the fog of addiction is lifted why things were as they were. In my experience, they harbor no anger, resentment or hurt — only love. They see what couldn’t be seen when they were living.
A medium is able to help you get answers to the whys and hows. In doing readings for people who are trying to reach someone who’s died of an overdose or another addiction-related cause, I hear that the person who has passed wants deeply to heal the pain they caused. The challenge then is for you to forgive and heal. The way to do that is through love.

Love Never Dies

Love, we all know, is a force of nature that is bigger than anything — an energy that moves through us all. It is a connection shared with another. It is the light within us. It is our heart connection. And it never dies. No matter how much our pain may trick us into thinking we want to, we cannot control, demand or dissipate love any more than we can control the sun rising each morning. Love lives on in our hearts, memories and stories and especially in our connections to those loved ones who have passed.
Here’s what I would want you to know if you’re mourning a loved one who has died from addiction:

  • Ultimately, you hold the power to heal your heart and connect with your loved ones in spirit. A medium simply helps you translate the messages you haven’t been recognizing.
  • You might not realize it, but you do have a heart connection and love with the person you lost from addiction. Therefore, you are the greatest connection to your loved ones in spirit, not a medium.
  • Be open and ask for the signs from your loved one. They are all around you: butterflies out of season, finding pennies (lots of them), TVs turning on or off on their own, songs on the radio at the perfect times or symbols that were significant to you two (an eagle, a hummingbird, a heart).
  • Always remember that love, regardless of how someone passes, never ends; it just changes form.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and feelings on this often challenging topic. Feel free to share below in the comments – SDJ♥
For more information about healing addiction, you can Read more at
Learn more about how to connect with your Loved ones in Spirit 🙂

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