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It’s been a while…
It’s been a while since I have shared with you what’s been happening in my world.
If your world has been anything like mine, there have been ups and downs, twists and turns, and lots of CH-CH-CHANGES. The first half of 2016 has been chock full of CHANGES, in more ways than I can even keep track of. How about for you?
Here are some of the major changes happening in my Life and Biz.
Where to start?

  • I became a Grammie in February 🙂 My son Crew (26) began dating again and is now living with a wonderful gal that has two daughters, 8 and 4. So my hubby and I are adjusting to instant grandparenthood… I think we are doing pretty darn well… No complaints so far anyway. It’s been great to have “little people” around again… and Fun – in the “keeps us on our toes” kinda way too. Not sure I would have made it having children later in life. Spirit knew 🙂
  • I’ve felt the internal conflict of letting clients/students down as I embrace the changes that I know are meant to be. The feelings of loss and disconnection that some of my local students have felt as I have moved towards more online teaching and programs has been challenging for them… and for me. Yet, I know it is the right thing to do… As I work to find the harmony, Spirit reminds me… it is time to grow and expand… and expansion is never comfortable – it’s new… and different… and stretches us all. I am expanding… personally, and in my business, to support more and more people.  This does not mean I am leaving anyone behind. I absolutely will still be doing live, in-person events, classes, readings, personal retreats and workshops… Some will just be in new and different ways… So… STAY tuned my friendIt’s gonna be a ride!!!!!!!!!
  • I was an empty nester… whose nest is now filled again with the return of my son Arizona (18) from college for the summerAZ1, and most likely the next school year. The joys of big sweaty stinky boys, food disappearing, dogs barking in the middle of the night (night owl teen vs. early riser parents) and peace and joy… Knowing we have a little more time with him… until his life changes again. The Blessings of Parenthood 🙂
  • Back to it’s gonna be a ride… I have received strong guidance to get back on the road – Travel, Logo_500_2Tours and more. So, I bought an RV, her name is Vision, and my Sunlight Team and I will be hitting the road, spreading our messages of love and light… one event at a time. AND… We will be coming to YOU (both locally and nationally). YOUR state, YOUR city, YOUR church/healing center/bookstore/yoga center, YOUR living room!!!!!!!!! We will be kicking off a Sunny Days Road Tour with SDJ right here in Arizona, then traveling to California this summer, and expanding to the entire country throughout 2017. If you are in Arizona or California and would like us to visit you and your friends sometimes this summer, fill out this form and we will send you more information on how to book an event. If you are in any other part of the country and would like us to TOUR on over to your neck of the woods, let us know at tour@sunnydawnjohnston.com. No Place is too far… at least not in our minds and hearts.
  • I’ve had several clients: pass away, suffer tragic loss, accidents, injury and hardships… As well as births, marriages, incredible joys and blessings… Such is the contrast of life. I’ve been touched by it all, and my heart has expanded.
  • I have learned the importance, especially in the last two weeks, to stand up and speak my truth and my message of LOVE. Many people want and need to hear it outside of their own heads… With so many messages of hate being shared, I MUST be the change I wish to see in the world. Not just through my actions and beliefs, but with my words. Not to push against anyone else, but to simply use my voice to share the LOVE I am… that we all are… I hope it inspired you to use yours as well… (links to Harambe the Gorilla blog and Orlando shootings blog)
  • I’ve had A lot of FUN… a week trip to Mexico with my team, a couple of Keynote Speaking Events, great work trips to Sedona, paddleboard1I got to be a student in class for a weekend, have taken some down time to spend with family, and worked on several new products and programs… and I had the coolest dolphin experience ever!
  • My team and I have begun to embrace the new tools of technology. We will be kicking off a NEW web-based community, Soul Food with Sunny, which has been in the works for over a year, on and off. It has taken a HUGE commitment on all of our parts to learn, grow and expand into the newness of a community that is not just in-person, face-to-face interaction. We will soon be able to reach across the miles, all over the world to offer hundreds of classes, courses, and incredible content in the areas of Intuition, Angels, Self-help, Mediumship and Spiritual Biz. It is exciting to have the tools available to bring to you what so many have asked for from us for years… A HUGE thanks to my team for their tireless commitment as we get ready to kick off this amazing online community… more to come real soon!!!!!!! I’m so excited…
  • I experienced, for the first time in a very long time, absolute and complete discrimination. I’m not one to get my feathers ruffled if people don’t like me or what I do… There was a time that it hurt my feelings, but that was a long time ago. I have since been able to move to a place where I can truly believe… To each their own. I live by that motto…. And in that, I absolutely feel that I am honoring my journey and I honor others as well – whether they are similar or different does not matter to me. I LOVE that we live in a place where we all have the freedom to do just that.Soooo… I recently registered for a new merchant account (a financial institution to run my credit cards transactions through) and was denied. Hmmm, Odd!!! post itI have excellent business credit, have processed millions of dollars of charges over the last 16 years and have had two chargebacks in the history of my business. Why on earth would I be denied? You might be surprised by the answer… I sure was.It was about the work I do. Being a psychic is believed to be a high-risk business, based on the perception of the banks. And not just one bank… this didn’t just happen once, or twice, but it happened three times. All for the same reason. My business is questionable. Now, after some shock, anger, frustration and mostly disbelief, I did what I was initially guided to do… I wrote an affirmation and stuck it on my office wall and immediately began to repeat and feel it… hundreds of times, over and over again. Once I felt clear, I called the person in charge and was able to – after a LOT of explaining – have them reconsider. Each one did reconsider, and did end up approving me… but only because I got out of the energy of anger and frustration – and into the energy of honoring everyone’s journey.I stepped back into who I truly am and what I truly believe, before I made the phone calls – and it is with that energy that I was able to come to an agreement that worked for us all. I think this is really important… Had I stayed in the energy of anger or frustration and not affirmed the way I wanted to see it, I DO NOT believe the result would have been the same. AND YES…it was tough.
  • I’ve watched friends/family struggle through loss and endings: Loss of life, loss of jobs, loss of health and well-being, loss of stability/money and loss of relationships … and on the other side witnessed so many new beginnings: new life, new love, new jobs, new improved health and stability. Being that we are in a 9 year numerologically-speaking (2016 is a 9 year), it has been a year of a lot of endings, even for myself personally… and yet… what I LOVE is that when there is an ending, there is always a NEW BEGINNING 🙂 It’s so fun to witness those beginnings.
  • I’ve been spending a lot of time in the studio filming video after video on topics that my clients and students have been asking for. Some of these videos have been appearing in my Blog. Some of them are for our new Soul Food with Sunny Community… and some are being created for other projects I can’t talk about just yet 🙂 It’s been fun and challenging to talk to the camera for hours on end… and of course… I am learning a bunch.

I’ve learned that:

  • I DO NOT like to prepare in advance for things. I used to be someone who prepped for everything… as a way to control, really… then I went in the complete opposite direction, to teach more from “in the moment”… and now… I am working on finding some harmony around this area of preparation.set
  • I LOVE to connect, share, talk, teach… I JUST LOVE IT! I already knew it, but I know it even more now.
  • I am not a fan of doing clothes changes for videos – I thought it would be fun – three or four outfits a day… NOT… FUN… AT… ALL!
  • I have an awesome team… they make this stuff doable for me.
  • I have to amuse myself or I get bored. I do this in a variety of ways, but singing seems to be my “go-to” way.
  • Sometimes, even I get tired of talking. Hard to imagine, but it is true.
  • Technology is pretty amazing. Some of the things we are looking into doing pretty soon are going to be so awesome 😉 I can’t wait to share them with you… it’s kinda star-trekky 🙂
  • I have an amazing hubby. He gets the set all ready for me on video day by setting up the green screen, cameras and lighting. He rocks!
  • I love my work, my life and my peepsJ Thanks for being one of them 🙂

As you can see, life has been pretty full of CHANGES this first six months. (And these are just the highlights!) It hasn’t been easy, but it has been expansive… and I always want to expand 🙂
My wish for you is that you feel that expansion as well, and that you have the clarity and knowing that it is all happening for the highest good. That my friend, is probably the most important thing I have learned and continue to absolutely believe… I absolutely trust the process of life and am so grateful for every single experience.

I wish you bunches of love and light as well – Sunny Dawn Johnston

PS: I’d love to hear your comments on all of these changes and also about the changes happening in your life… Please share in the Blog comments below or email me directly at sunny@sunnydawnjohnston.com

16 thoughts on “Life changing news from SDJ”

  1. Yes,, it feels like another 2013 with the year of the snake and all the areas that are in a state of remodeling. Lightening up some areas, expanding others,, pushing beyond perceived limitations, restructuring boundaries, redefining nourishment, reviewing the home status, and growing in love, trust and belief in self and the guidance received. In some ways hard to believe 6 months have passed while at other points where has the time gone. Lots of Changes!

  2. Denise Kirkconnell

    Wow! So many changes for you!! Love the rv idea. I will be in Cali in mid July for 10 days. Would love to catch you and your team somewhere. Continued love and success to you and your amazing team❤

  3. How blessed am I to have met and love such an amazing soul expanding mentor!! When you grow we grow!!! I look forward to growing with you in our garden of life. Thank you for sharing what direction your practice is taking. I love this team. You truly are one of the best. I was just telling someone the other day I’ve never seen you melt down. You practice what you preach. You learn and grow and we all benefit. You are a beautiful example for me as I attract clients, of how to expand! ❤️

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      Thank you so much my dear.. Life is a journey.. for sure:) Happy to have you in our tribe and that it has supported you as well;)

  4. I am very happy for YOU! I look forward to Soul Food with Sunny. May the new adventures be filled with abundant blessings of love, light, peace and bliss for everyone involved. And so it is!

  5. Sunny i love your sharing. I can relate to all the changes and feeling like you have disappointed the local community. I am over a year past moving on from the center and Spirit never disappointed me and continues to guide and support me as I feel the transition is still changing. You are amazing and your love and teaches ripple. I am right there with you and there is only better than you can imagine ready for you to step into. Enjoy being a grandma!! I look forward to that time but can wait for now as my kids are shining in their own light. Lots of love, Karen

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      Yes, i know you totally get it… it is quite a journey for sure. Thank you for the support.. one day, I am going to get to your neck of the woods;)

  6. Debbie labinski

    First off wow! You are an amazing woman and teacher! I am so proud to call you my Mentor! You teach all of us it is ok to get angry but how to move through it with grace and ease and trust the process! You are one of the most Magical people I have ever met! Thank you for sharing your year so far with us! Enjoy the travels and touching more lives! Everyone deserves to meet the Sunlight Alliance Dream Team! You guys are a force of Love and Light beaming though the universe!
    Have fun! I will continue to enjoy all of your online videos on Soul food with Sunny and in person spirit talks once in while.

  7. thanks for the beautiful blog updating everything about YOU!! I knew you were out there helping hearts to expand even yours since this is the year to do it!! I love that your son is home for summer ++ and hope you enjoy every moment and not on the road all the time but have some great memories with him.. On the road…lets see about ojai and my driveway will fit an RV!!! so park it hear discover the town and maybe have an event…lets talk!!. I have appreciated very much that your blogs are speaking up on topics since we need to stand up and be counted since as you say…It gives other permission to do so also. I think many people who are spiritual think that you should be peace love and tulips but we can be peace love and. turning it up so our tribe hears our rally call!! If anyone reads my posts knows I am an activist…something about justice stirrs my soul…. and my fave saying is get informed to start reform.. I have to work hard sometimes to come from a place of non-judgement and stay in my heart…. be blessed on this phase of your journey!!! PS you were the one to tell me that you dont leave anyone behind when i was agonizing a few years ago about the people in my life…you reminded me that if I didnt move forward I could not help more people and everyone has the choice to come with me … but that you would not be where you were ( sitting in front of a group at your own healing center) if you held on to everyone ie. father of son, your father ect…I appreciate you always living authentically and sharing from the heart!! love you dearly!!!

  8. Sunny , its amazing to watch the Universe at work. I truly am so incredibly Happy to see you enjoy life and to expand how you and “The SHA” team reach and help others. Help them find their own Love of self within. Learning to embrace the power and Love of the Universe, to help guide each and everyone of us. “If” we choose to allow and embrace its help, in “Every” aspect of our lives. I am very proud and happy to have found you, Kris Robin, Deb, and Amy , to be my teachers and friends.

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