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Let the race begin!!!!! Update!!!

Thank you all for your love and support of my husband as he chases down his dream. Due to tropical storm Bill, the race was postponed by a day, adding two of the legs together to still complete on Saturday. So, the weather is ahead of them enough that they will be sailing!!!!!! YAY!!! They start at 8 am Pacific time.june 2015 001
For anyone interested in watching the race, you can watch the boats as they they race, by their beacons at either of these places: or  Chiindii racing
Brett’s boat is Chiindii.. they missed the n tho:)
Please join me in sending love and light that all racers and ground crew stay safe and have the time of their lives!!!
My hubby’s best friend, Mike, would have loved to race this race in physical form, as it was really their dream together. However, he is there with him in spirit and literally, as his ashes are on the boat. He will be leading the way in this carbon fiber container hanging off the rope. IMG_5875
He is also here with me, lighting the way for them, as we lit his candle!!
GO CHIINDII!!!! Thank you all again. This is a dream come true for us all!!!
So today, as my husbands dream comes true, I’d love to hear your dream too. Please share in the comments below – Sunny
Update 6/18 8pm: Send them love please… the water and wind got the best of them.. it was a rough race… flipped boats, man overboard… 100 miles tomorrow too. thanks everyone:)

7 thoughts on “Let the race begin!!!!! Update!!!”

  1. Awesome news! Sending Love and Light to Brett and Mike’s spirit for a fabulous race. I too got chills when reading how Mike will lead the way!
    Go Chiindii!!! WooHoo!!!!

  2. Perfectly timed, as it should be, so dreams will come true in a safe and fun way! Recall the most wonderful phrase from a childhood movie…you had the power all along, my dear. All they need to do is click the heels of their boat shoes, have the blue white bubble of protection surround them, win, and make it safely home!

  3. Sunny just reading this and about Mike,, I got chills…of joy…deep love…and a right on feeling…so very happy for everyone…sending all the Love and support…and Get er all! love you..

  4. OMG!! I am so happy to hear this and I am joining you in sending love and light that all racers and ground crew stay safe and have the time of their lives!!! Lots of love!! God watch over all of them..GO CHIINDII!!!!
    My dreams are coming true day by day Sunny… (freedom from the 9 to 5. a beautiful family, a job I LOVE)

    1. How exciting! Go Bret! It is always so amazing to see someone doing something they desire. May the weather cooperate, the participants be safe and most of all…may they have the time of their lives! What special memories! I will be watching and cheering him on from my computer!

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