Let go of comparison once and for all

Do you get stuck in judgment.. of yourself or others?
Do you compare yourself with others?
Do you judge where you think you “should” be now in your life?
How might these thoughts hold you back from truly living in this present moment? This moment is all you have, right here right now. Why would you waste it on judgment or fear based thoughts? When you recognize you have been living in the painful past or the fearful future, or focusing on others… you will see that you are missing THIS moment. Judgment and comparison comes from fear or a lack mentality.
I would invite you become aware of how you feel physically when you get into those thoughts. The way that you feel is expressing itself in your physical body for a reason. Your body is telling you that this is not in alignment with your truth. That these feelings of lack, these feelings of doubt, of fear, of anger, toward the past, towards the future, towards yourself…. That these feelings are not only not raising your vibration but are holding you back from seeing the beauty within you, and the amazing life around you.
These negative thoughts and feelings are not in alignment with who you truly are and your body is giving you that gift of awareness. So, instead of doing what you’ve done in the past, whether its staying stuck in the judgment, pushing your emotions down, ignoring your feelings, or denying them…. you can instead see it as an opportunity to look at it, change your thoughts and take some steps to start to heal it? That is how you can step into your power… TODAY! Are you with me?
I wanted to share with you this message on comparison. Take some time to read it a few times and really let it sink in. It is a perfect reminder of who you really are. – Enjoy ~ SDJ
We can have comparison or we can have awareness of our gifts. The two cannot co-exist. In order to compare, something has to be less than. Comparison, then, comes from a belief in lack. Truly, the only thing we can compare is what we are lacking. When we are present with our gifts, we do not compare ourselves with others.
Comparison uses the measurement of judgment. That is why when we compare ourselves to others, we lose sight of our being, of who we are.
There are so many things we fear we won’t measure up to. We live in fear of not measuring up to expectations, to each other, to the jobs we do, to our parents, to our children, to our own potential. We say, the problem isn’t that we don’t measure up. The problem is, we get caught up in comparison, in using the measurement of judgment. Truly, whatever we judge, whomever we judge, is of no use to us. For we have lost sight of their gifts.
It is interesting that we call our measurement, our comparison devices, ruler for they do indeed rule us. The moment we move into judgment; we move off center, we move out of the awareness of our own and others gifts.
What if instead of trying to measure up to some standard, we could invite the Divine’s best, our inner best to come forth. This invitation brings all the gifts forward to be expressed and experienced. What is jealousy but a comparison to a perceived lack?
What is insecurity but a belief we must compare ourselves to another’s life, another’s accomplishments?
Comparison is a lose-lose proposition, for if you compare yourself and find yourself “wanting”, you lose sight of what is truly within you. If you compare yourself to another and find yourself “better than” you have lost sight of the worth of that person.
We invite you to see that you’ll never measure up to anything, for measurement can never be satisfied; it has its basis in lack, in not seeing the gifts within us. It is time to see comparison for what it really is-it is the place where we lose sight of our connection to Source, and all the gifts of Source. Our gifts cannot be measured. Who we are cannot be compared-it is priceless.
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– Author Unknown
I’d love to hear your comments on Comparison. Please share below – SDJ
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8 thoughts on “Let go of comparison once and for all”

  1. I compare myself all thr time! I never live up to my comparisons. I either shutdown or i am told to focus! I havr alwayd teied ro be confident and sometimes I am. However, for a while now i have felt less than everyone i look up too. I always thought at 42 yrs old i would be some one different.
    Thank you for your support and this blog it helps me think outside of my self.

  2. This is perfect for me, I beat myself up constantly, and know that I shouldn’t, but I, have great difficulty in accepting the gifts I, own and their/mine worthiness. Thank you Sunny xx

  3. Thankyou for sharing this.. I have always felt that I am not moving forward fast enough for everyone else.. and how they think I need to be doing it.. but inside I feel I am doing what I am suppose to be doing.. so then I just shut down at times.. I think its that stubborn aries sign.. but anyways.. it has been a hard thing for me to overcome.. ive dealt with it all my life even with siblings and just anyone around me.. never good enough.. Thankyou Sunny for sharing..

  4. Sunny – did you write this just for me? Because this is perfectly timed. I am working on appreciating the gifts that I have instead of comparing myself to others and feeling less than. Thank you for this blog!

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