Tips on growing a Spiritual Based Business

Last week, I taught a 3 day Intensive Business Entrepreneur Certification program….
That is a mouthful for sure:)
It was a fabulous class, full of learning for everyone… myself included.
This was my first time teaching this class, so I was a student in a sense as well..
Aren’t we always the teacher and the student?
I believe…
So one of the main themes that came up consistently in this program was Consistency.consistent It seems so simple, but my observation of people that start new businesses, especially spiritually based ones is they try something for a few weeks or days or months… and don’t get the results they are looking for, so they quit. I’ve been guilty of this before as well.
What I KNOW for sure is that if you are NOT consistent with your business, you will not have consistent clients, consistent work or consistent opportunities. Take a moment right now, look at your business and see where you are falling short, slacking and begin to be consistent with it, NOW, today.. Not Monday, Not tomorrow. Right now, do something to step into the energy of consistency. When you are inconsistent in your life, your results will be inconsistent as well.. Bottom line!!!
Another very common theme was commitment. commitmentThe definition of commitment is:

: a promise to do or give something
: a promise to be loyal to someone or something

: the attitude of someone who works very hard to do or support something

Isn’t it interesting that so often, we will be more committed to others and their causes, than we are our own?

How committed are you to your business?

Your self care?

Your family?

Your Health?

Your healthy finances?

And, would the Universe know that you are committed? Meaning is there action, follow thru, energy behind it? Is there evidence of commitment or is it lip service? If not, can you change that today?

Three weeks ago, I made a commitment to be consistent with these blogs. I would blog 4 times a week minimum, for three months. That is my commitment to myself and to you, my clients, student and colleagues. What is your commitment today? And, how consistent will you be?

Please share in the comments below ~ Sunny Dawn Johnston


2 thoughts on “Tips on growing a Spiritual Based Business”


    This was an incredible class regarding business, self care, balance and so much more. Commitment and consistency does equal success(YES I WANT A T-SHIRT). In 2015, with the guidance and teachings from the MBS class I and now MBS class II along with the bonus class, I am in balance and the rewards are success. I always return home with better and more an extra boost so I can enhance my business. Everyday and in everyway I’m blessed and grateful for having an amazing teacher & mentor like you!

  2. Yes you taught us commitment and consistency is key.. thank you for being an amazing teacher!!!!
    that is my motto now.. consistent and committed = success!!!!!

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