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It's so much easier to watch Netflix and eat Ice Cream

Last month I opened the doors to my NEWEST LOVE, my membership site and 5 step process called ELEV8 Your Life. What a whirlwind the entire month of August was for my team and I. We had so many amazing experiences as people started watching the videos, learning about how to take their power back and how important CHOICE is in their world. Creating this program has been, by far, one of the greatest labors of love in my life. I would also say that it has been AMAZING to witness all of the growth that has already happened in just a couple of weeks. It is absolutely inspiring 🙂
This video was in response to one brave man’s question…
Maybe you can relate too?
My hope is that you are willing to do something different than stay comfortable in the pain. YOU, my friend, have the ability to heal those old patterns. You can take your power back from the past. Are you ready?
I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on the video. Can you relate? Have you been in the same place? I sure have. What has worked for you to get out of it? I’ll tell ya, taking my power back was the biggie for me. How about you?
Blessings my friend, SDJ♥
PS: The doors to my ELEV8 Your Life membership program are closed right now, but you can still join the free area. There you have access to hundreds of hours of teachings on a variety of subjects that you might find interesting including: Angels, Intuition, The Afterlife, Personal Development and even Business. If you’d like to learn more, go here and sign up for ACCESS to the FREE Members Lounge. Check it out. It’s FREE!

2 thoughts on “It's so much easier to watch Netflix and eat Ice Cream”

  1. Thanks Sunny! You are so right on, honest and sincere… You are such a beautiful mirror for what I need to see and change. Pain, Guilt and Shame are NOT easier… just more comfortable! I will make conscious choices to honor my mind, body and spirit and no longer abuse myself with my thoughts and lack of presence!

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