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Sunny Dawn Johnston

Hello my friend,

My real name is Sunny Dawn Johnston and I am SO happy we have crossed paths.

What do YOU want?

Most of us never ask ourselves that question and when we do, we feel guilty about pursuing the answer. We are often afraid that if we pursue what we want, people will not like us. We have been told our entire lives that it’s wrong to have what we want. Be a good girl, put other people first, take care of your kids first, take care of your spouse first because that’s the way it works.

Because you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’re READY to move past limiting beliefs, make choices and take action.

You were given this precious life on earth to create, be inspired, inspire others, live in joy and harmony and be fulfilled. It’s never too late…it doesn’t matter where you are or where you’ve been, your transformation begins now.

We are in unprecedented times right now and I am HERE FOR YOU!

1. Affordable monthly group readings.

Looking for answers on how to navigate LIFE during COVID?

Join me monthly for an opportunity to get your questions answered. I have made this really affordable … so you can have support.

In extreme times, interpersonal connection is essential to our well-being.

In my podcast, Off the Cuff with SDJ, I talk with people about everyday life, from the spiritual, the physical and the metaphysical perspective. Each episode has a casual, laid back, informal and spontaneous look at this thing we call life.

2. Tune in everyday at 1:11pm for my Off the Cuff with SDJ Podcast!

3. Pay-What-You-Can pricing for my THRIVE! A New Way of Living Series!

THRIVE! A New Way of Living is an interactive monthly series that connects you, from the comfort of your own home, directly to me, Sunny Dawn Johnston, and a dynamic panel of renowned experts in the fields of physical health, psychology, spirituality, personal growth and transformation, mental and emotional wellness, and holistic and alternative healthcare.

During every livecast, you will have the chance to interact with THRIVE guests to receive personalized insights for your own challenges. That’s right, my friend! You are not alone!

We find new and effective ways to receive the guidance we need.

BE the Change Radio was established in 2020 with one simple goal in mind: to be a voice that uplifts, empowers, and provides a new perspective. Our mission is to connect with people in ways that open their hearts, minds and souls and to be a healthy and loving alternative to the institutional & media driven focus on fear. We are the best internet platform offering peace, harmony, expansion and growth.

4. Listen to BE the Change Radio

5. Join my ELEV8 Your Life Community

I created ELEV8 because I never had a community and I wanted one.

Membership Community Highlights

1. Live Access to Sunny
Live members-only sessions with me that include my master class, check-ins and weekly interactions.

2. Open-hearted Community Support
A safe place where members can share their highs-and-lows, goods-and-bads, vulnerabilities, victories and journey with us.

3. Built-in Accountability to be the Best YOU!
We cheerlead each other, motivate each other, learn together, and grow together.

My Blog

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I'D LOVE TO Expand our Horizons Together

Virtual Writing Retreat

November 14-15, 2020 – Online via Zoom

The Afterlife. The Process. The Healing

Jan 29th – Jan 31st, 2021

Jamaican Cruise

April 17– April 24, 2021

​​Ancient Cities of Peru

June 28 – July 11, 2021

Join me in seeing and sharing and being that Love and Light in the World.

Emmanuel Dagher
Emmanuel DagherSpiritual Teacher, Healer, and Bestselling Author
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Sunny's gifts of healing and inspiring people to live their most authentic lives speaks for themselves. Sunny's wisdom and compassion is endless. Whether it's watching her work her magic on stages all across the country, or seeing her work with someone on a one to one personal level, her integrity, light, kindness, honesty, support, and love are undeniable. I consider Sunny to be one of my dearest friends, especially in the wellness community, and it's an absolute honor to witness the fullness of her presence everywhere she goes. Whatever Sunny does, I stop whatever I'm doing to watch and listen, because I know it's that important.
Anita Moorjani
Anita MoorjaniAuthor of the New York Times bestseller Dying to be Me
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Sunny’s infectious warm heartedness comes through in every aspect of her that I know. Whether it be as teacher, friend, speaker, author, or just authentic Sunny, her deep strength combined with her genuine humility is refreshing to see in this current paradigm. She is also a smart, funny, and beautiful human being. Most of all, I am proud to call her my friend!
James Van Praagh
James Van PraaghSpiritual Medium and bestselling Author
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Sunny Dawn Johnston is a compassionate, caring light worker who opens up to the higher levels of Spirit. She brings healing and insights to all she works with and illuminates their souls to the higher truths of their beings.
Michael Tamura
Michael TamuraBestselling author of You Are the Answer
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Miracles are not only possible, they are necessary . . . And Sunny Dawn Johnston is a living testament to that reality.
Sonia Choquette
Sonia ChoquetteBestselling author of of The Answer Is Simple
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Sunny Dawn Johnston is a beautiful expression of love.
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