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Today I want to touch on one of my favorite topics: INTUITION!

During these times when personal and world events trigger a variety of emotions, it is important to remember that you have tools that empower and support you … the greatest of those being your own personal guidance system – your intuition.

How important is intuition to you on a scale of one to 10?
What is the importance of intuition in your life?

If I were to answer that question, I would say it is an ELEVEN! Boom! It’s like top of the chain. Intuition is what guides us through our day-to-day, which helps us to separate out all the noise with what’s important, right? It’s our intuition and our connection to our angels and to our guides and to our loved ones and Spirit, and to our inner self.

So, if it isn’t a 10 for you, I would suggest you move it up the ladder a little more.

Intuition is going to help guide you in ways that no amount of knowledge – well, no amount of knowing of information will – because your intuition is what helps you discern what is best for you. Intuition allows you to take the factual stuff and tells you how that aligns and how it fits best for you.

Intuition is when you get that gut feeling and you have that sense that something is off, or you have that sense that everything is right on target. It’s that knowing that you need to take a left when you usually take a right. It’s that voice that you hear that tells you to keep going, or to stop, or to call someone.

It is that vision that you have in the middle of the night that tells you that your daughter’s going to be okay, or that dream that you remember in the morning that gives you the validation that something positive is coming, or that it gives you the validation that the choice that you made was right … or it redirects a guidance that you had that says, “Ooh, nope. I was off on that. I was too far in my head.”

So, intuition is going to help you with the seeing and the hearing and the feeling and the knowing. That’s how our intuition is going to come through us, come to us … and it’s always there to help support us for our highest and greatest good. OUR highest and greatest good.

Now here’s the thing about intuition that people struggle with – they don’t always know how to discern between the head and what you are thinking … and the heart or the Spirit that is talking to you.

So, is that an area that you get stuck in where you’re having a hard time discerning between the head and the heart? Are you not sure if, okay, is my head just thinking this? Or is it my Spirit really feeling and knowing this and guiding me in this direction?

One of the best ways that works for me is # 1, just put my hand on my heart and ask: Is this my intuition speaking? And most of the time I will get a solid response – either a feeling in my body or in my knowing of “Nope, that’s your head Sunny” or, “Yes, this is from my Spirit.” The other thing is so often for most people, when it is your ego, when it’s your head, it’s coming from outside of you. It’s not something within – it’s being sourced by things that you’re listening to … it’s coming to you because you’ve been activated by something outside of you. Whereas intuition is something that is going to be coming from within you. So, it’s coming up without having any activation on the outside. And the great thing I can tell you is that you can – everyone can – develop their intuition.

And even if you’re like, Yeah, you know what, I’m pretty intuitive already. Or I’m a psychic, this is what I do … We are all growing and expanding constantly … continually growing and expanding. You can always develop your intuition more and more and more, especially if you’re wanting to tap into your angels more. If you are wanting to connect with your loved ones in Spirit in a greater way, if you’re wanting to tune into your spirit guides, then you want to develop and practice the skill. It’s like a muscle, right? And it doesn’t build unless you build it. So, if you don’t give it the attention, then it will not grow. It just doesn’t. And there’s lots of little fun, playful ways that you can grow your intuition. It’s not about taking some hard course.

I talk about this all the time because I truly believe that intuition is really the game changer in this human journey. Those that only listen to their mind and knowledge and the facts about everything oftentimes struggle because they are not connected to their Spirit too. Intuition doesn’t always make sense. Intuition is often the thing that you would say, “Hmm. I don’t know – that doesn’t make sense at all.” Intuition is the thing that will be seemingly kind of be on the outskirts of things, and you may be like, “Hmm. Never thought of it that way.”

Because it isn’t always going to be the commonsense thing. It’s going to be the sixth sense thing.

So, exercise that intuition of yours. Give it that focused attention. The goal is to have fun, to be lighthearted and playful … cuz God, don’t we need that right now? Do things to help you to develop that intuitive muscle, so that you stay consistent in your growth, which will help you in every single area of your life.

When you think about intuition, is there an area in your life that it wouldn’t help with?

Think about it for a minute. Is there an area in your life that you can think of that it wouldn’t help with? Or what area do you think it would help the most in?

It could be relationships, finances, business, education, your spiritual connection, your home life, your ability to raise you children. Help your children develop their intuition. One of the other reasons why I focus on this so much is because we all want to help our kids depend on their intuition instead of depending on just the knowledge and information that’s being told to them, taught to them, shared with them – learned or that they take in from around us – that might be out-of-alignment with what feels right for them. So that’s a really great reason to make a focused effort each and every day to tap in and tune into that intuitive muscle of yours.

You CAN do it – EVERYONE can.

If you know that you are in need of some PLAY while learning and you want to expand your skills & connect with the Spirit world and your intuition in a greater way, then check out my new Intuition 365 community! Check out all the details HERE.

And I would love for you to leave me a comment below about the role intuition plays in your life … and the ways you want to focus that attention to strengthen that muscle – it’s your greatest guidance and support tool you can rely on!

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