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International Women’s Day

An opportunity to amplify a message of awareness

Share this initiative with those in your community

One of my goals as an Entrepreneur is, and always has been, to be able to help others in a variety of ways. In 2003, I created Sunlight Alliance Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit to provide support for people challenged with medical issues. It is a passion project for me that I continue to this day.

It has always been a part of my purpose to serve … in a variety of ways … since I was a young child. In the 1st grade, I was buying notebooks and pencils for those that couldn’t (even if I was “borrowing” the money from my dad’s change jar 🙂

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for those in need or that simply had less than I did … and were looking for help or support. I wanted to have a career where I could donate my time, energy, and money to organizations and movements that I believed in. I am so grateful for all that I have been able to offer.

I feel very blessed, and I know that with great abundance comes great responsibility – and I take that very seriously … too seriously sometimes. As I continue to grow and expand, I always keep my eye out for ways I can serve others. Some opportunities I share with you, my community, so that you too can be a part of the support. Many I don’t share at all. I just do what I am guided to do … as I am sure many of you do a well.

A couple of days ago I was reading a post by one of my team members, Hafsa. She is one of the monthly guest speakers with @consultmentagency that helps support my business membership community, (She is also an Olympian sprinter from Sierra Leone!) When I read what she was doing, I knew I needed to help. It was a STRONG pull.

And I thought since I felt it so strongly, you might want to help too. If you feel guided to donate to support some of these girls, I would greatly appreciate it.

Period poverty is a term I had not even heard of. Even though I knew about the issue, I didn’t know what it was called or that this term even existed. I have now been educated and am grateful for that. Please, read on to learn more for yourself.

If even 50 of you donated just $15, they would reach their original goal amount to support this cause. I will match your donation, up to $750 as well.

Thank you in advance for your donation, your time and/or your love to all that are in need. This is such a wonderful effort underway… read on to see for yourself!

 – All my love,



Background Info from Hafsa

This undertaking is for a matter that highlights a problem that is so common around the world and that is Period Poverty. Girls in countries like Sierra Leone lack the necessary sanitary supplies and education to deal with the changes their bodies go through once they start their periods. Most schools in Sierra Leone don’t have running water … so imagine being on your period for a whole day not being able to change your pad or using rags to cover up the bleeding? 

It’s an unfortunate reality that Haja Isatu Bah, founder of Uman4Uman is on a mission to solve. Born and raised in Sierra Leone, Haja is currently an Environmental Studies student at Skidmore College in NY. She started this mission with just a sewing machine in her dorm. As her passion grew, she applied for a grant and won it! And officially launched her business in Sierra Leone!

Haja has a team on the ground operating within communities in Sierra Leone to provide girls and women with the pads that they need. I’m truly blown away by the drive and passion this girl has … and I wanted to use my platform to help bring awareness to her mission.

This fundraiser is to provide 100 girls in Sierra Leone with the Uman4Uman sanitary kits and education from Uman4Uman representatives on how to properly manage your periods.



My colleague, Hafsa,  has  turned her website into a donation site for the month of March to help raise $1500 for this mission. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible – not just for fundraising purposes – but to educate our communities on the taboos around periods. 

It would mean a lot to me if you shared this initiative with those in your community to help bring awareness. By sharing, you’ll be helping to amplify the message that period poverty is a thing and that we can come together to eradicate this issue. 

Here are the links to the fundraiser or you can donate directly through PayPal here:

These are the direct links to donation info as well:

I SOOOO Appreciate your Support and Sharing!!!

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