ONLINE LIVE interactive class with Sunny Dawn Johnston: January 1 – 21, 2020

A 21-day Deep Dive into Habits, Health and Hang-ups

$111 – only $5.28 a day

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” — Buddha

A couple of months ago, I did a little 8-day class called Me First.

It was so well received that people wanted to keep going … and so did I. I realized that there was SOOO MUCH MORE I wanted to share, teach, and have everyone experience. There were so many tips and tools that were left to share that truly have transformed my life.

So, last week, I was sitting with my team, really feeling guided to expand beyond those initial concepts by jumping in and DEEP DIVING into the “HOW” to CHOOSE YOU.

I was INSPIRED to bring this conversation back up, but with a much deeper dive into not just putting me first … but CHOOSING ME, repeatedly. We must bring this out in the open and come together to STOP the excuses, create the boundaries and take our power back from those situations WE gave it to.


To start Choosing YOU without the shame, guilt, blame, and resentment that has been carried in our bodies, minds and hearts … day-by-day, week-by-week… eating us alive.  It is time to be a part of the I CHOOSE ME movement.

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If you find yourself resonating with any of the following, you are ready to CHOOSE YOU:

Ask yourself these questions:

So, if any of the above feels true to you, come and join us.

We start January 1, 2020 at 9am MST LIVE in a private Facebook group

(11am ET, 10am CT, 9am MT, 8am PT). You DO NOT have to be live to participate.

All LIVES will be recorded, and each replay will remain posted in the private Facebook group.

It’s 2020. IT’S TIME!!!!!! It’s no longer an option, it’s a MUST!

We must change the habits
We must focus on our health – Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions
We must flip the mindset
We must Heal the Hang-ups
We must be honest with ourselves
And we MUST STOP the people-pleasing & putting-others-in-front-of-ourselves act.
We must CHOOSE ourselves!

If you are feeling this, come and join us… Together, we can do this!!!!!!!!

This 21-Day LIVE Experience will include:

A 30-45-minute LIVE video with ME every morning in Facebook

I will inspire you each day to RECLAIM YOUR POWER and CHOOSE YOU!

A private Facebook group with me, Sunny Dawn Johnston

Daily homework – journal prompts and/or action steps that will help support you in defining your values, passions and desires

Steps to remove the excuses, the “I knows” and the Hang-ups … and get you into the Habit of Choosing you!

Integration/Accountability days – to support you in HONORING yourself each and every day; and giving you time to process, participate and share your insights


Group Support – You will receive the ongoing support of the SDJ community, which I must say is AMAZING!

Accountability – So you SHOW UP FOR YOU!

We must learn to make a commitment to love and trust ourselves above all others. I promise, you will never be sorry for this — even when it seems like your choice might hurt another. Every single one of the choices I have made in my life in order to avoid hurting someone else’s feelings has ended up hurting me (and them) more in the long run. You can’t know what is best for someone else, only for you. It’s time to step in and listen to that wisdom.

It’s time to Walk the Talk… And Choose You.

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In this program we are focusing on 3 specific areas:
Habits, Health and Hang-ups.

If you see yourself needing help, support or accountability in any of the following areas,
this 21-day LIVE interactive class is for you.


* Seeking approval
* Shifting the blame
* Undefined goals
* Neglecting your health
* Self-doubt
* Inaction
* Feeding distraction
* Putting yourself (or others) down
* Worrying
* Perfection
* Focusing on what others’ think
* Living in the past or future
* Stuffing or not expressing your emotions
* Waiting for the perfect time
* Being a people-pleaser


I have personally struggled with the relationship between me and my body, and for many years, it was an absolute battle. It is one that I fought since the day I was born. Literally. The word battle was written on my mother’s medical chart to describe my birth. I entered this world bruised and battered; and for the first half of my life, it seemed in one way or another, I was fighting a battle with my body.

Being overweight and dis-ease/illness were my greatest battles. I spent most of my teens starving myself and wondering why I couldn’t lose weight and be skinny like all the other girls. I was 50 pounds overweight by the time I was 15. At 18, I stared death in the face after giving birth to my first son. At 22, I got a parasite that was alive and well in my body for 4 years. At 27, I was diagnosed with osteopenia.

These were definitely battles … and the real battleground was within me. Once I learned that … these battles turned into my greatest teachers. Once I learned to love, instead of fight; breathe in, instead of push against; open up, instead of shutting down; accept, instead of resist; presence, instead of ignorance… my body and I became FRIENDS! Listen friend, I know the challenge of physical ailments … and I know how to heal them too. We will talk A LOT about this in class as well.


* I feel guilty when I say no.

* I don’t respect myself or expect others to do so either.

* I do not feel my needs are as important as the needs of others.

* I cannot accept making mistakes or having what I perceive as a failure.

* I allow other’s unreasonable expectations of me to dictate my direction or define my worth.

* My happiness is tied to taking care of others.

* People will stop liking me if I put myself first.

* I’ll be left out of stuff if I don’t try to do it all.

* I don’t think it is important enough to take out that time for myself.

* I have an obligation to _____ (fill in the blank).

* I need other people’s permission to _____ (fill in the blank). ­­

* I am more comfortable when I am in charge of _____ (fill in the blank). ­­

“I choose myself because I’m precious. I choose myself because I deserve to be chosen. Even if I don’t know exactly how, I CHOOSE ME!”

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My friend, if you are looking for professionally orchestrated videos and traditional health and goal training … I’m not your girl.

I’ll be LIVE with you every morning from my home office, just real and raw.

So, if you are looking to deep dive into your Habits, Health and Hang-ups … If you want to understand the energy of your body … and yourself … If you want tips and tools and real hands-on, in-the-moment teaching about the energy of your mind, body, spirit and emotions … and all that that encompasses … then I’m the one for you.

It may not always be pretty, but it will ALWAYS be real. I am a No BULLSH*T added kinda girl!!!

I’ll be bringing you right into my personal life and share what it is I do … and DON’T do … to CHOOSE ME … which allows me to then maintain a HEALTHY MIND, BODY and SPIRIT. We will focus on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic habits that keep you stuck … and the ones that you can replace by simply stepping into ACTION!

One thing I know for sure, is that you MUST Choose YOU!
NO ONE can do it for you … NO ONE!!!

With some changes in energy, awareness and lifestyle choices, you can create the Health you truly desire and a LIFE YOU ABSOLUTELY LOVE … One that is full of Vitality, Joy and Harmony.

A little extra thought too: If you get overwhelmed or struggle to keep up with the daily videos, this class will include some integration days. This will give you a day to absorb the last few days’ material, catch-up, process and breathe into all that you have learned … creating the best action plan for your lifestyle. This way you are prepared for the next step, and not in overwhelm but instead, in self-love. If you tend to fall behind because of a busy schedule or even a lack of priority … or you worry you can’t keep up, that is exactly what these days are for. PLUS, this class will be available for access for 3 months after it is LIVE. So truly, you can go at your own pace. A WIN-WIN-WIN!!!

It all starts on Wednesday, January 1, 2020 in your living room, bedroom, office, or vacation home. I’m with you anywhere your Facebook is!

One of the best tools for CHOOSING YOU is to have a strong support system in place. Let’s build our I CHOOSE ME community together!
It’s already an amazing group of souls.

Are you READY?!

“Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual, you have an obligation to be one.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

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