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I walked into a bar and my life changed forever…

23 years ago today… I walked into a bar a single mom. A 21 year old girl trying to figure out her life and the life of her young son. I walked in to do my “job” (the way I made an income over the previous three months was to do tight jeans contests.) I had, on many occasions had the men at the bar ask me out, in a variety of ways, but I had made an agreement with myself. No dating for one year and on this day I was about 6 weeks shy of my 1 year.
And then I met Brett. We had a great time together that night at the bar, dancing, talking about religion (who does that at 21 on a 1st meeting?), about my son… about everything. He asked me out, and I stuck with my agreement. I wouldn’t give him my number, so instead he told me where he was working. The next day I couldn’t stop thinking about him. Something felt different, but I didn’t want to break my commitment to myself. So I tried to ignore my feelings. Then feeling so frustrated, I asked my spirit, but couldn’t hear an answer. The Keys 2014 033 (4)The question was, “Should I open up my heart, and break my agreement with myself?” I started to realize that maybe my agreement was not only a form of loving myself, but also a way to protect myself from hurt. Maybe that agreement had served its purpose. Finally, I felt guided, and I listened to that guidance. I drove to where Brett was working, and took him lunch. I learned that day that Agreements are good to make and agreements sometimes need to be renegotiated.The Keys 2014 062 (3)
23 years ago today, I walked into a bar a 21 year old single mom. I walked out of the bar into an amazing future and soon to be husband. I am so grateful that the Universe brought us together as I absolutely know we were divinely guided to each other.
Thank God I walked into that bar!!!
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3 thoughts on “I walked into a bar and my life changed forever…”

  1. A good message to read today, Sunny. I will take your advice as I continue my journey through this life. I believe I met the people in my life at certain times for specific reasons, and when it was time to move on, I did. Agreements can be made, changed, and altered so it all works best for everyone.
    Yes, the two of you connected for a reason, and still do to this day. Brett sure impressed me with his conversation the day I was dropping off things for the homeless. He is very much still in love with you, your life together, and the family you share. Bless you both. Love the photo, by the way. And, the coral used to create the word Love.

  2. 54 years ago I said I do. Not knowing what life would hold for us! It has been some journey, many ups and sometimes more downs…but there have been many blessings out of it also.

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