I Stand for LOVE – Join me!

My friend….
I hear you!
I hear your fears. I hear your love. I hear your sadness. I hear your joys.
I feel your desperation. I feel your happiness. I feel your anger. I feel your peace.
I see your hope. I see your lack. I see your light. I see your judgment.
Most of all…. I see, hear, feel and know your heart!
Regardless of “WHO” you voted or did not vote for….. the greatest energy i feel today is defensiveness and judgment. Judgment of the “others” who voted against your candidate. Defensiveness of the candidate you voted for and what people are saying… or not… about them.
Please remember…
You must feel your feelings… and remember.. they are YOUR feelings.. No ONE can make YOU feel a certain way. No ONE! YOU FEEL however you choose to feel. You are responsible for your feelings. All of them. You are a powerful creator… and you create with YOUR feelings.
Today, I invite you to act, instead of react. Take the action into your own hands.
You get to CHOOSE where you put your attention. Choose LOVE or Choose Fear.. You get to choose.
There is always something positive to focus on. Always….
See this.
Feel this.
Know this.
Hear this.
You can choose to find the gift or find the pain… and either way.. you will be right because your experience will prove it.
YOU are the creator of your reality.
No ONE person can take your power from you without your permission.
NO President can take that power from you my friend.
YOU are powerful beyond measure.
“Be the change you wish to see in this world”, said Gandhi.
I say, YES… be the change.
It is time….
Time to trust the process of the Universe.
Time to come together in Unity.
Time to accept the things that we cannot change
Time to change the things we can.
My truth is…
I live in an attractive universe. I must take responsibility for my own feelings. I must live my life with love and compassion. I must be who I really truly am..  Which is LOVE. I must walk my talk each and every day…and in doing so.. I experience exactly what I believe to be true.
I choose to see the Universe… and everything happening in it… working for me, not against me. Things don’t happen to me.. they happen for me… Causing me to expand my capacity to express unconditional love. NO ONE needs to prove their value to me. I see value in everyone.. Yes, I said everyone. EVERYONE! Does that mean I agree with everyone? No. I see the value in everyone!
I BELIEVE that LOVE can HEAL the WORLD! LOVE is the KEY. It is who I AM!
I am LOVE.
I am HOPE.
Today, my friends…
Please remember to focus your attention on what you want, what you are for, what you desire.
Pushing against anything only creates more of it… what we resist persists. Embrace the light! We are being called to it. The winds of change have spoken. Can you listen?

Mother Theresa once said, “I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me.”

I’m with her!

So today, as you begin your day…
Please join me if guided, in sending love, light and healing to all whose hearts are feeling…
not seen
and unheard.
And Most importantly,
Let us come together, in Unity.
We do not have to agree in order to be kind. Be kind anyway!
So, in that light, I send immense LOVE, Light and Peace to our Government and our next President of the United States. UNITED, being the key word.
Please join me as well.
All my love – Sunny Dawn Johnston
PS: Here is a link to a facebook LIVE video I did on 11/9 at 8 am: https://www.facebook.com/SunnyDawnJohnstonFanPage/videos/10157684226495693/
PS: What do you choose? I’d love to hear  in the comments below:)

19 thoughts on “I Stand for LOVE – Join me!”

  1. Since I am in charge of my world .. and we are all ONE … LOVE it is ..
    Your words were wonderful and inspiring ..
    We are all on planet earth playing a GAME … a fun game if you so choose.
    Go with the flow and take everything LIGHT-ly …

  2. I stand with you, Sunny! Thank you for the wonderful examples of what we can do, as we become inspired by the sentences you have written, and the quotations from peace loving people. Another quote from Mother Theresa that I have by my computer: “Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” We can make wonderful changes that will improve the world and bring it peace. Thank you for reminding us of how we are in control of our own thoughts and actions, which we can improve by looking within and listening to the answers given when we ask for loving guidance.

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