I picked an Angel Card for you today :) - Sunny Dawn Johnston

I picked an Angel Card for you today :)

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Today, I was guided to pick a card for you out of my Archangel Oracle Deck. I hope that it brings you some guidance, direction and comfort today. As you read it, just take a minute to breathe it in and see how it might resonate with you.
Step 4 – “Commitment”
The most important single factor in an individual’s success is commitment. Commitment ignites action. To commit means to devote yourself to a purpose or cause.
Does the cards message fit with where you are?
Do you understand the message for today?
What can you do to take that step in your life… today?
I’d love to hear what this card means to you? Please .. share in the comments below any insights or awareness this message is bringing to you. We all learn from each other.. right?
All my love to you today – SDJ
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5 thoughts on “I picked an Angel Card for you today :)”

  1. Perfect for me! I came to Phoenix three months ago to see my mom who’s suffering from Stage 4 COPD. I was only supposed to be here for three weeks however I have felt the need to stay and help care for her. With the holidays upon us and a new grandchild about to come into the world I find myself wavering to this commitment. I was so grateful when I read this Angel Card. Thank you Sunny, the timing was perfect!!

  2. Yes, this card is in line with my commitment to follow through on something started yesterday, Sunny. An opportunity was in front of me, so took care to ask questions, and follow what was told to me. Today I will return and handle this responsibility, and all will be good. This action will help others, which is definitely something I desire to do. Thank you, Sunny.

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