I Picked an Angel Card for You Today :) - Sunny Dawn Johnston

I Picked an Angel Card for You Today :)

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Today, I was guided to pick an Angel Card for you, for me, for us all. Archangel Uriel!!! YAY!!!
Archangel Uriel
Pronounced YOO-ree-uhl, it means “God is Light” or “God’s Light.” Uriel is the Archangel that illuminates situations, gives prophetic information, and offers transmutation.
Helps with: Insight, clarity, peace, vision, problem solving, writing, new ideas, study, and tests.
Color Vibration: Ruby Red
Gemstones: Amber, Ruby
Invocation: I invoke the wise and peaceful energy of Archangel Uriel to completely surround my physical and energetic body. Please help soothe all conflict in my life and replace it with peace, clarity, and insight. I ask you to help me release any mental or emotional patterns that keep me stuck in my fears. I ask that you fill me with the knowingness of who I really am. Please help me to trust my experiences, so I may see the greater vision, understand the value of each, and grow in a way that serves all. I am blessed to be on this journey of life, and I thank you, Uriel, for your continued guidance, wisdom, and vision . . . and so it is!
As I invoke Archangel Uriel’s energy of wisdom, I imagine or visualize myself completely enveloped in the color red. I take a deep breath in and see, hear, feel, and know that Archangel Uriel is guiding me throughout my physical journey.
Wishing you lots of love and joy today- SDJ

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