I picked an Angel Card for you today :) - Sunny Dawn Johnston

I picked an Angel Card for you today :)

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Today, I was guided to pick a card for you out of my Archangel Oracle Deck. I hope that it brings you some guidance, direction and comfort today. As you read it, just take a minute to breathe it in and see how it might resonate with you.
Step 1 – “Awareness”
Awareness is the state or ability to perceive, to feel, or to be conscious of. Typically you become aware of a challenge, an illness, an emotion, or a desire. You can also have self-awareness. Self-awareness is the ability to perceive one’s own existence, traits, feelings and behaviors. You become aware of your own personality or individuality.
Does the cards message fit with where you are?
Do you understand the message for today?
What can you do to take that step in your life… today?
I’d love to hear what this card means to you? Please .. share in the comments below any insights or awareness this message is bringing to you. We all learn from each other.. right?
All my love to you today – SDJ
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6 thoughts on “I picked an Angel Card for you today :)”

  1. This card as meaning to me, always. I am now at the point of reacting is not healthy. I am an emotional individual and learning new ways and reasons I allowed emotions to cause me to react. So for me it is self awareness. Also to be aware of others’ who often are not healthy for me and lovingly move on.

  2. This card has no bearing on my circumstances. I finally meet up with some one i’ve been crazy about since grade school, who feels the same, plans on staying in touch & will be back to visit this summer but is across the country, retiring form the military, completing a PHD & Teaching at a university. we had a good meeting, chemistry & everything else was there but he told me he has been diagnosed with PTSD & although he is physically available, he isn’t emotionally available. So, i’m back to heart broken & this card means nothing to me & has nothing to offer me.

  3. I’m sorry my friends.. AS you know our site has been down for a week, and now that it is back up it is sending things out automatically:)

  4. This card has more meaning to me right now for so many reasons. I was recently diagnosed with BPD, Borderline Personality Disorder. This disorder makes it very hard for me to really understand and control my own emotions, and Lord forbid if anyone else dumps theirs on me. It has been a real struggle to keep from going into anger mode when I get overwhelmed with my own feelings, emotions and bad behaviors. I’m hoping that with this program I will be able manage my disorder…there is no pill…but with training and practice I can overcome it. So being aware of who I am, my emotions, my feelings, and traits that make me who I am is the perfect card for me.
    Thank you

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