I never thought I would do this… but

Recently, I was a speaker at one of my very favorite events, Celebrate Your Life. It is such a fabulous event produced by Mishka Productions. It is absolutely first class. Each year, I look forward to the event because I get to connect with so many amazing people. There were 1200+ people from all over the world that flew in to attend this year. It is such a beautiful mix of humanity.. I just LOVE it! In addition, I get to catch up with so many of my colleagues, which is always fun.. and then of course there is the STAFF!!!! They are the best ever. So the first weekend in November is always filled with really fabulous moments. However, I had an extra special moment this year.
My special moment was during the 20th Anniversary Gala event, when all of the authors came together to sing the beautiful song, One Heart – One Song, written by Barry Goldstein. It was truly a heartwarming, heart opening moment. Let me tell you why…

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First of all, I am not a professional singer. I am a singer. I love to sing … everywhere and anywhere … but I am not a professional 🙂 As a matter of fact, I grew up probably like many of you … with people telling me not to sing, that no one wanted to hear me, that I couldn’t carry a tune, etc. etc. Sound Familiar?
Robin's IPhone Nov. 2015 025For a long time, I believed them … I gave them my power. Then one day, I made a choice to take that power back, to change that belief that I so willingly took on. I began to say, in response to “someone” saying something about my singing, “You know what, I sing with my SPIRIT”!
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The Gala and that song, were so very special for me, as I believe they were for many of the authors. Most of us are Authors, Teachers, Speakers.. but NOT professional singers.. so many of us truly were out of our box. It was a beautiful night where many of us were freed of the constraints that we allowed to be put on us by “someone”. To all of those “someones”, I am grateful; as I have learned so much about myself from them throughout the years. I LOVE to sing with my SPIRIT and I do it every chance I get! They will never have power over my voice again!!!!!I am also very grateful to Barry for writing such a beautiful song and having the patience and the vision to work with us all as we stepped into a new journey. Although I don’t plan to give up my day job, I certainly LOVED the opportunity to step into the truth of who I am and what I do. I sing with my SPIRIT… and there is value in that. It truly was an AMAZING night and very soon, I will be able to share the song with you..  I can’t wait for us all to be able to share it so we can spread the message and music … One Heart – One Song… We can change the world.
Here’s to the voice within you – SDJ
Did you ever have someone tell you not to sing? That your voice wasn’t good enough? I’d love to hear your experience too. Please share below – SDJ

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8 thoughts on “I never thought I would do this… but”

  1. Oh yes! I love to sing. I’m never very on key, and sometimes people cover their ears even. My son loved my singing when he was a baby. But now I mostly only sing when I’m alone or in the car! I really belt it out in the car. I loved your article – yes, I sing with my Spirit! I used to say that of all the gifts, I wish I had been given the gift of singing for others. I think, like you, it is time I abandon the the beliefs of others that I have accepted as my own truth!!

  2. Sunny , I totally agree !! I sing with my heart. I too was always told, please stop. But, when certaing songs would play, I listened and sang with my heart. I drive for 2 ride sharing co.’s. On ocassions, I would play a song and would quietly sing. A couple of passengers asked me to keep singing. Since then, I institued 2 rules in my car. 1) no negative thoughts, ie…. its terrible its raining. I offer for them to consider , the rain is necessary for life. It washes away something, and helps things grow. “It’s snowing”, I offer… it makes everything look magical. It changes the sounds of the world. Listen. Its wonderful ?!!
    The other rule….If you sing …SING WITH PASSION !!!! I will not judge the voice of another. Sing!!!! Let it flow!!! I hear people sing quietly, as if they are embarrased by their voice. Sing with your heart!! Let it flow. On ocassions, I will sing with them. Let your voice flow!!!! Show your heart !!! ?

  3. In high school, I won first place in a solo singing competition. I planned on majoring in music in college until I overheard my mother, my best friend and biggest supporter, tell a friend I was not good enough to get anywhere with it and I should major in something else. It added to my own self-doubt and changed my course in life, and to this day I regret not pursuing it. I still love to sing but do it privately as health problems and lack of practice for years (I’m 54 now) have ravaged what voice I used to have. I wish I had believed in myself more then; if I still had the same clear voice now, I wouldn’t hesitate to go for it!

  4. I have always wanted to be able to sing with family and friends, but afraid to try. I do not sing because of a scarring incident in 7th grade (I am 56 now). I was anxious to try out for chorus. The whole class was there. When the music teacher asked me if I had sang before, I replied I had never tried, I didn’t know how. He say “Everyone can sing, go ahead and try”. So I sang the lines in the book he had given as he accompanied on the piano. After the first line or two, he stopped playing the piano, stood up while motioning for me to stop. While laughing, he announced “Ok, well maybe not everybody (can sing)”. The rest of the class began laughing at me and so I sat down and never sang after. I am happy to read you enjoy to sing

  5. I have always loved singing, too, Sunny. As a baby I was serenaded by my Mom. I remember singing songs played on a radio when I was a five year old girl, washing the kitchen floor on my hands and knees with my mother. Mom wanted to hear the singer on the radio, and told me to please concentrate on helping wash the floor, instead of concentrating on looking up at the radio to sign along with it, as I spilled the water bucket over when I stood up. Later, still quite young, I was found singing while watching the snow fall by a window, when at a Christmas get-together at a church member’s home. I was the only child there, as most people had babysitters back then. The home owners told my parents I should join the children’s choir. That turned into a long career of choir singing, at church and at school, in addition to singing in the shower, and at sleepovers. I even created my own songs that came to me during times of trouble, which turned a sad situation into a more joyful memory. Songs raise my spirits. I also often get up and dance while singing, which makes me smile and feel happy. I have a close group of girlfriends, and we all sing along to songs we love, from when we were young to current ones, and they also get up and dance, too. Fun to share, Sunny. Looking forward to your recording contract, grin.

  6. That song at the CYL was beautiful! What a fun bonding experience for you all as well. I will sing when there is an opportunity, but I am more likely to dance. Most anywhere. Issues so similar as many don’t think or have been told they can’t dance. Or don’t dance good enough. Well, I sm beyond being concerned what others think about me dancing and just let loose and raise my vibration. Sing, dance, love life!

  7. Why yes I have. I love to sing. I sang all the time as a child, in church choir, school plays, even the lead once. I thought I sang well. Then, as adult I was told don’t sing, you’re off key. I was surprised and kind of hurt, cause I love it so. So I started singing when I was alone. I noticed my daughter didn’t sing like my son did. Someone must of told her, cause she too was in the choir, etc. I learned from you it raises our vibration, so I told her to sing out and loud. It makes us feel better. I don’t just sing to songs, I make songs up. My 5 yr old grandson loves it. I have him singing all the time, big and loud. We giggle. He says, “Nana, could you sing that song about me”? So, sing often, sing loud, who cares if you know the words, cause someone is always listening, and you can make their day with your song.

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