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I LOVE synchronicity… Do you?

Synchronicity always puts a smile on my face. It is a reminder to me of the power of the Universe…. Spirit… the God of your understanding. It brings me into presence.. quickly. I love the feeling synchronicity brings.. it is like I am on the right track..a validation of sorts I guess.
Coincidence – I see it the same, equal to, synchronicity.  What’s funny is somehow synchronicity has become accepted as messages or guidance from above… yet in our society have been taught that a coincidence is a random act..
The definition of the word synchronicity is:

  • the quality or fact of being synchronous

  • the coincidental occurrence of events and especially psychic events (as similar thoughts in widely separated persons or a mental image of an unexpected event before it happens) that seem related but are not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality —used especially in the psychology of C. G. Jung

The definition of the word coincidence is: a chance occurrence of events remarkable either for being simultaneous or for apparently being connected
They sure seem the same to me….
I think of the definition of coincide….

  • To occupy the same relative position or the same area in space.
  • To happen at the same time or during the same period.
  • To correspond exactly; be identical

I think of coincidence this way… two or more things coming together in perfect timing ( I would add Divine timing actually).
With all that being said, I received this email the other day. It is why i wrote this blog… I LOVE synchronicity.. It put a smile on my face.. I hope you enjoy it too.. and.. I’d love to hear your stories of synchronicity in the comments below  too. -SDJ

“Hello Sunny,
Over Easter weekend I was visiting my Aunt and Uncle, and we were making plans for a trip to Sedona…
We were talking about things I was learning on my new path in life, Bear Cloud, and the positive energy Sedona brings….
I mentioned the 44 day Detox and what I accomplished and shared the Detox on her Facebook page…
I was not able to go to Sedona due to work, but my aunt had texted me….
storysedona“Rick and I decided to take  a nature walk at Sedona creative Life Center we come across this big humongous tree underneath it are a few chairs I sit down on one and what do you think I see look at the second picture it is a business card of Sunny Dawn Johnston in the ground in front of the chair I’m sitting”
She sent me a picture of the chair with your card….a week after I mentioned you…I feel she was where she needed to be.
I have enclosed the picture she sent me…
Thank you for all you do!”
Toni Hora

I asked my assistant Robin to write Toni back thanking her for sharing and asking if I could share this fun little story. This was her response:

“Please let Sunny know that sharing my story would be amazing. Sunny has helped me change in ways I never thought I could and helped guide me in the direction I  am intended. I too, do believe in life that nothing is coincidence or accidental. They happen for a reason. Sunny has shined on my heart today.”

I am blessed to live the life I live and do the work I do…. and so very appreciate to each and every person that crosses my path. Today, that person is you if you are still reading this. Thank you. I love and appreciate you.. TRULY!!!

7 thoughts on “I LOVE synchronicity… Do you?”

  1. What a great experience that was!!! How blessed are we all to be conscious and aware of life’s many AMAZING Synchronicities!!! Thank you so much for sharing Sunny Girl!!! Namaste’

  2. When dusting yesterday I moved a large piece of furniture, not realizing something on its top fell down on the carpet. I thought it had broken, and it was a gift from my grandmother, who has since passed away. It is a music box with a beautiful photo of the ocean and beach at sunset, with a little tiny plastic dove with a magnetic, that can move when the music begins. It has words from a poem I’ve seen many times printed on it which is called Footprints. As I dusted away at the area in the corner where it had fallen, I found the front and frame holding the front on to the box had fallen off. Thinking it was broken, I prayed to my Angels for help. Put it all back together, wound it up, and it began playing. The song is called Amazing Grace. Which is the song my father wanted played at his funeral, which we did. And, the same song that played on the large plug-in electric radio I had purchased for his birthday and was shipped to him, as he was having medical issues, and music helped him. However, he never got to open it, as passed away before his birthday that year. Mom gave it back to me at Christmas, and when I opened it, turned it on, guess what song was playing? Amazing Grace. Yes, things sometimes happen for a reason. I am grateful for the song, its meaning, and how it means even more to me for the connection it has brought that family members are watching over me.

  3. I had a synchronicity the day I celebrated my son’s 30th birthday at the cemetery….I had brought my walkman with to listen to his favorite song and one that we had played by Nichelback…I was having a hard time this year…it will be 5 years now…while I was walking towards his “planting” I was listening to the song, only it was not the one I had wanted to hear, it was one that was played at his funeral that I don’t remember listening too…I listened…and told myself I would have to listen to it again after the next song…it had a strong message of Hope…while the second song was finishing the first song came back on…now in order for the song to come back on I would’ve had to get my Walkman out of my pocket and reset to the first song…but here it had come on all by itself…you see I only had 2 songs on that track and I did not have replay set….it was something I needed to hear again

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