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I got up early… and had the best surprise ever!

Wait.. Don’t watch the video yet.. no matter how much you want to… wait for it…..
Let me give you some back story first:)
This past weekend, I was given a gift….
or maybe I should say….
I gave myself a gift…
and in return the Universe blessed me! Today, I want to share that blessing with you!
That was the gift I gave to myself…
And when I say off, I mean off..
Like no phone, no internet, no service, no communication to the outside world.
It was me, my hubby, my sis and bro in law and our respective RV’s and a couple of people nearby. That was it.
We were glamping – yes, glamping is now a word.. it means glamorous camping.
When you’re glamping, there’s no tent to pitch, no sleeping bag to unroll.. totally my kind of camping 🙂
Glamping with no communication with the outside world, but great connection with mother earth, father sky, our hearts and our Spirits.
We created connection….
There was No FEAR
No blame
No judgment
No anger
No news
We were present and in the moment…
We laughed… Oh my God did we laugh.
We ate yummy food. Drank yummy drinks.
We walked, and hiked, and kayaked, and paddleboarded.
We played and laughed some more.
We talked… we had deep talks, about life… and death. Life and all the joys of the moment, our kids and grandkids, our work, and our hopes and dreams yet to come… AND Death… what that might be like and where we want to be once we are complete with this life. I even took notes on where everyone wants their ashes scattered. I’m the youngest so I guess it’s just assumed I’ll be the spreader of the ashes 🙂 🙂
Taking time off is good for the SOUL. It can be like a reset button… and when we hit reset, I believe spirit responds. Kind of like a validation that says… You listened. Good JOB!
This video was my sign from the UNIVERSE to DO MORE OF THIS.
So, my hubby and I were sitting outside, watching the sun rise and enjoying the stillness, the birds, the quiet, the water, the connection and each other, when all of the sudden, we see  and hear this. An absolute blessing to witness this sacred connection and honoring of a new dawn. I automatically found myself standing with my hand over my heart as if I was witnessing a miracle, because in truth, I was. Everyday my friend… is a miracle.. EVERYDAY. We are not guaranteed tomorrow.. SO LIVE IT TODAY!!!

Turn your volume up… and listen closely to my gift… and now YOUR gift from the Universe…
I’d love to hear your feedback on this video and this message. Do more of _______________ . If the Universe were speaking directly to you, as it did me.. (and as it always does to all of us) and if you were listening 😉 What would it tell you to do more of? I’d love to hear your answer:)
In the meantime.. I’ll be doing more connecting.. in even deeper ways… both at home and glamping:) Love you, SDJ♥

11 thoughts on “I got up early… and had the best surprise ever!”

  1. So blessed to have your glamping trip become a part of my experience. I always know when I’ve been touched by an angel and this is one of those times. Feelings of love mixed with tear drops welling, although holding steady is always a sign that I just experienced a Truth.
    Thank you for having blessed us all with such delight and beauty.

  2. My response to your question would be: Do more things to inspire my creativeness and be present in those moments, that’s where I find my most joy, besides spending time with my grandkids and family.
    What a wonderful weekend you had, and the flute was the cherry on top.

  3. The flute was meant to happen, Sunny. That inspired me to go get my Peruvian Ocarina to play some notes. The Ocarina is considered to be one of the oldest musical instruments, predating the Inca Empire, dating back 12,000 years. Used in significant as well as recreational situations such as: ritual ceremonies, agricultural festivals, bird calling, and daily entertainment. This one I have was formed out of clay, hand-painted, and baked in a wooden oven to give it a distinctive sound and appearance. The flute that you saw and heard sure is something very special, and the person playing it was connecting with the dawn of delightfulness!

  4. So beautiful (sights &sounds) – thank you for sharing.
    I am told “Do more loving without holding back, and living without fear!!”

  5. So wonderful of you to share this moment, Sunny. I, too, have experienced some of my most wonderful times when outside in nature, with God’s creations surrounding me, and experiencing them with all of my senses; seeing, hearing, feeling and touching, smelling, and sometimes tasting, like a raindrop on my tongue. Many memories of sharing some outdoor moments with several friends and family members, where we all enjoyed hiking beautiful places in the southwest, and truly enjoyed the Grand Canyon hikes that made me feel God’s spiritual presence with us all. We all shared much laughter and music and food and drink, too. I have lots of photos, postcards, and journals I kept while outdoors on these journeys, plus did several paintings outdoors which are so precious to view each and every day while I meditate. Enjoy each and every day, and when I take a moment to be outdoors in nature I feel a true connection with Mother Earth and all of us, including the plant and animal worlds, too.

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