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I am surrounded by death but experience LOVE!

Death… it is the one journey we will ALL walk. 7.2 billion people on this planet will experience death, whether it’s the death of a loved one, a friend, a pet, or ultimately their own. It is an absolute!
As a Psychic Medium I am surrounded by death on a daily basis, whether it is through clients that come to see me for help to connect with their deceased loved ones, through the volunteer work I do with Find Me (a non-profit group that works with police and search and rescue teams to solve missing person’s cases and bring closure to families that have felt tragic, extreme loss) or in my own personal life through close family and friends that have died in heartbreaking ways.
In the beginning of my career, I wanted no part of mediumship. The connection was difficult and the feelings were sad. I felt too sensitive to do this kind of psychic work. I struggled with my human emotions, and many times I chose to ignore the messages I was getting. It was depressing and painful to share them with the person I was receiving them for, and I myself would oftentimes get physically sick during the process. I literally couldn’t stomach some of the experiences. Even my earliest memories and lessons around death had taught me that fear, emptiness, grief and struggle were what was to be expected when a physical life ended.
Despite those painful experiences, I also felt PULLED to do mediumship work. I had an innate knowing that I was MEANT to do this work and was continually guided to it. So although I didn’t like it in many ways, I KNEW I was being called to step into it. I KNEW that I HAD to be a voice for those that had transitioned, and help those left behind with their pain and grief.
What I didn’t know in those beginning years was how profoundly my life would CHANGE. I had no way of knowing that I would experience a comforting sense of Peace that could be an anchor in the most difficult of losses. I had not fully recognized the opportunities I would have to continue to build my communication skills with those in the Spirit World. My life changed…in BIG ways!
I learned to focus on our loved one’s PRESENCE… instead of their ABSENCE.
Love can heal our pain, perceptions and experiences of death. LOVE can also change how we see the actual death process.
What have you embraced that you were once extremely resistant to…and why?

8 thoughts on “I am surrounded by death but experience LOVE!”

  1. What have I embraced? I am learning to embrace my channelling abilities. I am learning to trust my spiritual team. I have resisted for many years. It’s time to share our experiences and support one another in our awakening. I have a story to share.

  2. Enjoyed reading this. When my wife passed on, my world collapsed, and then, thanks to Swedenborg, Antony Borgia, Dr. Raymond Moody, and people like you, Sunny, that I could build my world again. Thanks. When I think of my wife now, I think of her in the present tense, as someone who’s still there, and who’s still connected with me. I talk to her, and I look forward to the time when we’ll meet again. It makes a lot of difference.

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      Thank you so much for sharing your heart journey with me!! The love we share never dies… it just simply changes form!! So glad to hear you have found peace and love in your experience!! Surrounding you in love and light my friend!!

  3. With Easter coming up there are so many memories I recall as a child growing up with relatives that have since passed on. I have several old photos and old handwritten letters and postcards, and then review times spent on trips, vacations, visiting them in their homes and going to picnics in their home town parks, and wishing them well on the other side, as our spirits simply change from this physical form to a spirit form that never dies. Thank you for all your wonderful guidance shared with us, Sunny. I truly feel this will help us all when we transition, too. Whenever I see anything heart shaped in nature, I believe it is a message being sent from one of them to me. Glad I have taken photos of heart shaped clouds, or a rock found in nature, or on a tree. Hearts have been my signature of love for many years, and that may be why I see them so often. Thank you for today’s message, Sunny.

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      Thank you Linda for sharing your experience!! Love truly never dies… it just changes form! Enjoy all the signs from Spirit my friend!!

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